Changes of Training Benchmarks for Subclass 457 and Subclass 186 ENS (Direct Entry) Visas

Criteria for Training Benchmarks A & B recent expenditure, time frames, acceptable training expenditure and the definition of payroll have changed since 1st July 2017 as follows:

Recent expenditure

For Training Benchmark A (TBA) this is at least 2% of payroll expended in the previous financial year OR in the previous twelve months, as evidenced by receipts for payment or a letter from the relevant fund.

For Training Benchmark B (TBB) this is at least 1% of payroll expended in the previous financial year OR previous twelve months and evidenced by a receipt for the payment(s) or an employment contract for the relevant individual whose salary payments are counted towards the benchmark.

Acceptable expenditure for TBA

Only expenditure made to the following funds are acceptable for TBA purposes:

Expenditure that will not be accepted for TBA:

Applicable expenditure for TBB

The expenditure that may count towards this benchmark has been amended and more clearly defined.  Changes include:

Expenditure that will not be accepted:

Definition of Payroll

The definition of payroll has been clarified and is specified as the the total amount of the payments made to employees and to contractors and subcontractors, whether or not such payments are included for payroll tax purposes or not.

The methods for calculating training expenditure requirements where there is no payroll have not changed.

These changes commenced on 1 July 2017. 

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