Family & Partners

If you have a family member (child, parent) or a spouse, de facto partner, or fiance(e) in Australia, you may be qualified for an Australian family or partner visa. Partner visas can be applied in Australia (onshore 820 visa) or outsite of Australia (offshore 309 visa). The Prospective Marriage Visa (300 visa) is for people who intend to marry their fiance(e) in Australia within certain period of time.

5 responses to “Family & Partners”

  1. Ryan Pollard says:
    I am looking for an affordable yet reliable migration agent to assist in getting my wife to live in Australia with me. We are married. I am Australian and my wife is Filipina.
  2. jose garces says:
    Hi i am looking for a migration agent who may be able to help me to bring my defacto/partner and my son to au ,as my son is a Australian citizenship and Au passport , may you advise me please wich way or your selfs thank you regards .
  3. Tamara Phiri says:
    I am looking for an affordable agent to assist me in going to Australia my mother lives in perth.

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