We provide highly specialized IELTS preparation courses in Perth, Western Australia.

Excellent Track Record

Through our IELTS coaching, we have helped many students reach their IELTS targets, whether it is to achieve four IELTS 7’s, four IELTS 6’s or four IELTS 5’s. Our student success rate has been 80-90% in the past 10 years! Sometimes even a 100% success rate for entire classes!

Lessons are delivered on a 1-on-1 basis. We can arrange courses with timetables that are completely customised to suit your needs, to improve your weak points, to suit your schedule.

Our IELTS preparation and coaching courses focus on teaching strategies of tackling the IELTS test in each component (speaking, listening, reading and writing). We also provide mock tests and will mark your answers and give you detailed results and feedback.

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