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Changes to Citizenship Applications since 20 April 2017

July 6 2017

 The Australian Government is strengthening the requirements to become an Australian citizen. This includes:Increasing the general residence requirement, which means an applicant for Australian citizenship will need to demonstrate a minimum of four years permanent residence immediately prior to their application for citizenshipIntroducing an English language test, which means applicants will need to demonstrate competent English […]...keep reading

Changes of Training Benchmarks for Subclass 457 and Subclass 186 ENS (Direct Entry) Visas

July 4 2017

Criteria for Training Benchmarks A & B recent expenditure, time frames, acceptable training expenditure and the definition of payroll have changed since 1st July 2017 as follows:Recent expenditureFor Training Benchmark A (TBA) this is at least 2% of payroll expended in the previous financial year OR in the previous twelve months, as evidenced by receipts for payment or a […]...keep reading

Recent Changes to Working Holiday Visas (417 and 462 visas)

July 4 2017

The following age limit changes commenced on 1st July 2017:The eligible age for Subclass 417 Working Holiday has been amended to be:aged at least 18 and no more than 35 years old. If an age younger than 35 is specified for a specified passport, that younger age limit will be appliedSubclass 462 Work and Holiday […]...keep reading

Recent RSMS/ENS (Subclass 187/186 visa program) Changes

July 4 2017

Changes taking place on 1st July 2017:The age limit for the Direct Entry streams of the 186 and 187 visa subclasses is lowered to ‘must not have turned’ 45 years of age at the time of applicationThe English language requirement for the Temporary Resident Transition streams of the 186 and 187 subclasses is raised to ‘competent […]...keep reading

Recent 457 visa program changes

July 4 2017

English language exemptionsThe general high salary English language exemption has been removed for 457 applications lodged after 1 July 2017.  Applications lodged before 1 July 2017 will continue to be assessed under the previous regulations.This high salary exemption for English is still available for applicants who are employed by companies operating established overseas businesses, who are nominated by that company and will receive the high salary.  English language scores […]...keep reading

RSMS Visa – New RCB applications for the Perth region remain suspended

June 4 2017

New applications​ to certify positions for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme​ are still being accepted by Skilled Migration WA for the following regions in the State:​Gascoyne;Great Southern;Kimberley;Mid West;Peel;Pilbara;South West; andWheatbelt.​​New applications for the Perth region remain suspended.All applications received before suspension of the program on 13 March 2017 will be processed according to the RSMS […]...keep reading

New 485 visa and Post-study Work Stream

March 21 2013

The Subclass 485 visa is not renamed the Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) visa, and it has two streams: Graduate Work Stream Will remain similar to the previous Subclass 485 visa arrangements. Post-Study Work Stream Only available to those who applied for their first Student visas after the introduction of the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement […]...keep reading

General Skilled Migration new SkillSelect and Expresion Of Interest (EOI)

July 14 2012

SkillSelect is a new migration module implemented on 1st July 2012 by the Australian immigration department which allows skilled people (professionals, trades, managers, specialists, etc.) who are interested in migrating to Australia to lodge an Expression of Interst (EOI) online by entering their relevant details to be considered for a skilled visa. These skilled people will be listed on the database and can be […]...keep reading

Perth RCB suspended on 8th June 2012 till later notice

June 8 2012

Skilled Migration Western Australia has announced that it will not accept applications for Regional Certifying Body (RCB) certification after 5:00pm Friday 8 June 2012: Suspension of Certification under Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme from 8 June 2012 Due to the changes being implemented by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), current certification arrangements are only […]...keep reading

RCB updates: Re changes of RSMS 1 July 2012

April 12 2012

RSMS news updates: WA Perth RCB has advised that it will process applications for as long as possible up to 1 June. (announced today 12 April 2012) Ace Visas...keep reading