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If you are looking for a migration agent to assist with your visa applications, please continue reading this page to find out if we are the right Migration Agent you have been looking for. If you are a client of ACE Visas Australia’s, please leave your comments about our service on this page. Any feedback or comments from you will be valued and appreciated!

67 responses to “Client Comments (Testimonials)”

  1. Nino & Saya says:
    My fiancé and I used the services of ACE Visas Australia throughout 2011 and into 2012. Ms Wang’s professionalism, attention to detail and knowledge of the Migration Act and other relevant facets of the law was invaluable to us. Our case was for a prospective marriage visa was particularly complicated due to technicalities surrounding the conditions of a previous visa which had been revoked. Despite the challenges presented by our situation my fiance’s visa was granted within 7 months of application. In an arena where incorrect information or handling can result in delays to an already long and detailed process only the correct assistance can save you months of delays, thousands of dollars in expenses, and an extended period of family lives in limbo. As such my fiancé and I have no hesitation in recommending Ms Wang and ACE Visas Australia to any person considering migrating to Australia. Nino & Saya
  2. Maulik says:
    I found ACE Visas Australia through Internet while searching for IELTS coaching in Perth. It was a lucky break as I got one stop solution for all my immigration needs. I enjoyed a crash course in IELTS which helped me achieve an excellent score. Ping Wang, the Principal Migration Consultant, has very good knowledge in various immigration processes and all different kinds of visas. She sat with me to select the best option for me. Once the option was selected, she set deadlines to submit different documents by certain dates and she followed up vigorously till I submitted all documents – which were required for the visa application before last lodgement date due to eligibility requirements. She also helped me with my skill assessment and a positive assessment was obtained in just a 3 weeks rather than 3 months. I recommend Ping and ACE Visas Australia to anyone who would like to have attention to every detail in their visa applications to ensure success of the final results….. Maulik
  3. Daniel says:
    I have recently obtained my 457 sponsorship visa. My visa was approved within 5 days and nomination within 4 days! The emigration agent I used was Ping Wang of Ace Visas Australia. Dealing with Ping was an absolute pleasure. Everything I needed to do and obtain was clearly and professionally stated. When we had a meeting, our subjects covered were quickly and effectively documented and forwarded to me via email which made our correspondence clear and easy. I was granted the visa exactly how Ping said I would with minimal fuss, and for good value of money. I would happily recommend Ping to anyone looking for a visa or for migration advice. ~ Daniel
  4. RN says:
    I am privileged to write a testimony of the services I have received from ACE visa and ILETS preparation course. I was referred to ILETS preparation course by a friend who was studying there at the time. When I joined the team of other students and tutors, it was an awakening point for me, I learnt hints on how to tackle IELTS questions within three weeks as I had a lot of practice and guidance from tutors especially reading and listening which I had not managed to get a high score in previous tests. After sitting the IELTS exams, the results did reflect on how I had practiced, learnt and I was proud of my hard work and the effort of tutors. Therefore, I would recommend other students/people who need to improve their English score for whatever reason to be sure that ACE IELTS preparation classes are of great help and it is a major stepping stone. ACE visa have the best services, they guide on the right visa to apply depending with an individual situation. They systematically work on a visa step by step with client to ensure all details are correct and in a timely manner. Personally, they went for an extra mile to assist me with some information required from immigration to assist me with employment which I was very grateful of. Their visa charges are satisfactory and hence, I would recommend other people to use ACE visa and I grantee a satisfactory smooth process. — Regards, R.N.
  5. Tom says:
    Recently I received my permeant residency here in Australia all thanks to my emigration agent Ping Wang. I live and work in Port Hedland and I have never actually had the pleasure of meeting Ping. I was able to get Ping all the information she needed via e mails, posts and phone calls. This saved me a lot of hassle and an expensive flight to Perth. Pings attention to detail was excellent. I was running out of time as my working holiday visa was about to expire. Ping assured me that everything was ok and I could stop stressing. She worked long and hard to get my application in on time and my residency was granted just how she said it would. Ping Wang is a great professional and I have already recommended her to friends of mine who need their visas sorted. Looking back Ping made it all so easy. I can’t thank Ping and her team enough for all they have done… Tom from Ireland, Port Hedland WA
  6. Rachel says:
    I first came across Ping Wang while browsing the internet looking for migration agents and decided to give her a try. I have been to several migration agents before that but was not entirely satisfied with them. I can say that it is the best decision that I have made to choose her as my migration agent, as in a very short period of time I have been granted my skilled sponsorship visa. Ping and her team, especially Megan made sure everything went smoothly from day one till the end for both my employer and myself. Ping gave me all the options I had with my employer and made a list of everything needed so that nothing was missed. She made sure we had all the paperwork ready and on time so that we can process all the documents quickly and accurately. I knew I was in good hands with Ping. The quick results shows it, where it would have taken months or even longer than that , it took just a couple of weeks to obtain my visa. I would recommend Ping Wang as your migration agent without hesitation as she is a hard worker who know with what she is doing. As you often see migration agents who know how to impress and talk only without any results. Along with her team Ping made things much easier for me, I would probably still be waiting for my visa without them. A big thank you for all their work :)
  7. Tracy and Vick says:
    I have found ACE visa service through the internet at a time where my visa application became slightly complicated. While my 485 visa was still pending, I had an offer from my company to jump on a 457 visa. Ping Wang from ACE visa did the change very quickly and without fuss. I am still using ACE services for my husband and I, and again the staff was very helpful in thoroughly going through all relevant documents. I would highly recommend ACE service to anybody.
  8. Hugo says:
    Extremely satisfied with the help Ping provided. Everything went smooth and my visa was granted in no time at all. She helped me out with every aspect of the application and I can highly recommend her to anyone that needs visa assistance.
  9. Russell says:
    I was approved for my 857 visa with alot of help from Ping Wang at ACE Visas. Along with her team of workers we worked hard and was granted the visa after 2 and a half months which was 3-6 months sooner than expected. My visa was not straight forward as the conditions were met under exceptional circumstances and was delighted with the outcome. I would have struggled and stressed out bigtime if it wasnt for Pings help. I also recommended her service to a friend and he used her services also.Thank you
  10. Kevin Miller says:
    Ping and the team at ACE visas carried out the process efficiently and with ease. We were delighted with the approval, and are now using their services again. Thankyou for a proffesional and prompt service.
  11. grainne and jeff says:
    We have recently been granted a visa 497 and we could not have done it without the help of ping and megan at ace visa’s. We had a complicated situation with another aplication and a friend recomended ping for advise, she was amazing and give us the correct advise and then helped us start a different visa, She helped us with every aspect to it, including preparing for english test’s and everything we had not much time to get this done as our visa was running out she worked around the clock to help us.We had our visa approved within 4 weeks like she said it would. At all times ping and megan was honest, efficient, and very hard working. I would highly recomend Ping and her Team to any body looking to apply for a visa they are truly amazing!!
  12. Magdalena says:
    I’m pleased to join ACE team’s satisfied customers and write down another success story. Although we were short on time, they thoroughly prepared my partner visa application AND it has been approved in only 3 weeks (albeit the average processing time is currently 13 months)! They are highly professional and very efficient! Well done ACE!
  13. Wen Xu says:
    I am very appreciated with the service of Ms Ping Wang, I got my 442 visa application approved just with 26 days. It is can’t be done if without the help of Ms PIng Wang, I will introduce Ms PIng Wang and ACE visas to my Chinese friends who want to go to Australia. Thank you all and Merry Christmas!!!
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Wen, thank you for your comments! I hope you will enjoy your stay in Australia. If you require further service or want you know about your further visa options, we would be happy to assist. We would also be happy to help your Chinese friends. We will be able to communicate with them in English, Mandarin or Cantonese. Ping, ACE
  14. Neil says:
    Ace Visas offer a great service. I found the website through google and highly recommend their services. The visa process is very complicated so I followed the guidance of Ping and Megan and within 6 months I had my Permanent Residency. I have had many friends, unfortunately, run into problems which become quite costly, due to poor advice from other companies. I had no problems with Ace Visa and will strongly recommend them to others in the future. Thank You
    • acevisas says:
      Thank you for your comments on our service, Neil! It is much appreciated. We wish you a wonderful time in Australia! Congratulations!! Ping
  15. Daryl says:
    I had a great service provided by Ping, Megan and Smiling at ACE visas. I will also be highly recommending ACE to any of my future friends or family who need help with immigration. I was given great help and guidance with my IELTS test by ACE, which helped me gain the required points that I needed for my visa. Ping spent the extra time with me in preparing more than one visa application to ensure that I applied for the best visa when the time came. Very friendly and honest people who was there every step of the way. Many many thanks. Daryl
    • acevisas says:
      Thank you, Daryal! You were a very pleasant client to work with too. It has made the process very easy and smooth. Thank you! We wish you all the best! ACE team
  16. Maulik says:
    Hello All – this is Maulik again. After successfully obtaining temporary skilled graduate visa (485); I took help from ACE again for my permanent residency application. Firstly ACE helped me to achieve high band scores in IELTS and then helped me with my visa application. Ping Wang and Megan Oh were very through in all aspects of the application and they submitted it as a decision ready application. To my surprise, approval came just in one month’s time! I would recommend ACE to everyone who requires professional and reliable, yet very friendly all-round help in achieving Australian Dream. Once again, Thank You so much ACE :)
    • acevisas says:
      Thank you for your kind words, Maulik! IT has been a pleasure working with you in the last year or so to assist you in your TR and PR visa applications. Also thank you for referring your friends to us and continuing giving us your support! We wish you all the best in the new journy with your family. I am sure you will be very successful in near future and will enjoy a wonderful life in Australia! ACE team
  17. Joseph says:
    My company has successfully employed two great guys under 457 and RSMS through ACE visa. we are relatively new company in WA and doing business with overseas companies. so It is utmost import for the company to employ most relevant and excellent person. And Visa is the critical path of course. I can say ACE was fantastic partner for us to grow one step further. I strongly recommend if any body has Visa problem, then just contact / test ACE, (Ping Wang and Megan Oh)
    • acevisas says:
      Dear Joseph, thank you so much for your kind words. We could not have achieved the success for your cases without your absolute support and prompt response to our document requests. I remember we had to get back to you a few times in order to get one document right so that we were happy to submit to the immigration department. You never complained but always gave understanding and support. We adhere to high standards in preparation of visa applications and therefore sometimes may be “picky”, but it is our belief that in order to maximise our clients’ chance of success, we must adhere to the highest standards and ensure we are 100% happy about the documents before we submit whenver possible. It has been a real pleasure working with you and your employees in these cases. We look forward to assisting you further in any of your future expensions. Ping, ACE
  18. Rosalind says:
    Ace visa offers efficient and professional service! I am very happy with the quality of the staff members, their professionalism and their understanding for the urgency of my case! I have full trust in Ping and her visa service!
  19. Lucy says:
    I was randomly on Internet trying to find the most affordable, efficient and professional agent who could help me with the application for a Graduate Visa. Luckily, I came across ACE Visa Australia and started contacting Ping and Megan. Both of them are amazing at what they do, they have great knowledge of what their clients need and want. Not only that but they have great customer service, awesome personalities, and high level of professionalism. The whole journey to applying and receiving my Graduate Visa was the easiest progress and I recommend ACE Visa to anyone who are struggling with Visa Application or just friendly guide who can give great advice and support. Once again, I really appreciate your time and concern, as well as friendly service. Hope we can keep in contact. Thank you Ping and Megan.
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Lucy, Thank you very much for your kind words! It was a very pleasant journey that we shared together with you. Keep in contact and happy Easter! Ping and Megan ACE
  20. Kenneth And Belinda says:
    My Partner and I just got our Permanent Residency with ACE Visas. We first spoke to Ping in September 2012, after lots of help with a skills assessment, the IELTS test all the defacto information and numerous other details, we got our application in on the 7th of February 2013 and were granted Residency on the 4th of April. There was a lot of work involved in our particular process but Ping, Megan and Smiling explained everything in great detail and made sure that no stone was left unturned. Overall the process was made as easy and enjoyable as possible with the ladies, professional and friendly service. We are both very satisfied with the outcome and the time it took from start to finish. We would and have recommended ACE visas to family and friends. Thanks for everything, Kenneth and Belinda (Irish Couple).
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Kenneth and Belinda, Thank you so much for your comments! Looking back, the 6-7 months went really quickly… We are so glad that everything went well. We really enjoyed working with both of you in this process. Every step was made so easy with your support and prompt responses. Congratulations on becoming Australian permanent residents and settling in in Perth, such a beautiful, peaceful and pleasant place of the world! We wish you both all the best and a wonderful life in Australia. Thank you also for recommending us to your family and friends. Really appreciate it! Ping on behalf of everyone at ACE :)
  21. Kieran Lally says:
    I would like to thank Ping and Megan for all their help in attaining residency for my wife and son. Their knowledge and help was invaluable.They are hard working, honest and extremely welcoming and I am delighted and very much appreciative for all their endeavors. Their professionalism and kindness is a joy to behold in equal measure.
    • acevisas says:
      Thank you so much for your very kind words. They mean a lot. Unfortunately, it is the nature of applying for a visa that sometimes things can get complicated, and you may be asked to provide documents that seem unreasonable and impossible to get. We thank you for your patience in working with us under these very frustrating circumstances. But it’s because of cases like this, and clients like you that we chose to become a migration agent. And with your help, we had a wonderful happy ending!! Megan and Ping
  22. Liam McCabe says:
    Just recently I received the brilliant news from Ping that I have been granted my 457 Sponsored Visa granted and I owe it all to Ping and Megan. I’d like to thank them both for all their hard work and all the time the spent working on my case which enabled me to continue working long hours while applying for my visa. Ping and Megan were an absolute pleasure to work with, so polite and easy going. I will definitely refer all my friends and anyone in need of assistance with a visa to them. Thanks again Ping and Megan for everything.
  23. Luca De Prato says:
    I got to know Ping and ACE Visas through my best friend who was already a Ping’s client. He suggested me to ask for her help and I am really happy about this choice. She helped me through all the process of my RSMS application and to pass the IELTS test. She always kept me updated on the different steps, dealing with my employer and suggesting the best way to do. I received the news from Ping that I have been granted my PR on mid May and I owe it all to the good work of Ping, Megan and Smiling. I’d like to thank them both for all their hard work and competence working on my case which enabled me to continue working while applying for my visa with no worries. Ping and Megan were an absolute pleasure to work and deal with. I have already referred them to some friends and anyone in need of assistance with a visa. Luca
  24. I met the ace visas Australia through the Internet . They are really great , friendly and co-opertive.The head of ace visas Ping Wang and Megan are having a very good knowledge of immigration matters. They will help you to make the goals with full concentration .i enjoyed the company of ace visas and recommend everyone to consider them for migration purposes.Thanks again to ace visas
  25. Ashley & Jonny says:
    With Ping and Megan’s advice and support we were able to secure Permanet residency from a 457 visa within 3 months! From the initial meeting Ping was clearly very knowledgable and outlined all suitable options to me. They clearly conveyed what paperwork would be required and guided me every step of the way in ensuring I had everything needed for my application. They constantly gave me updates and guidance throughout the process and worked beyond normal office hours to ensure my application was lodged in time. I cannot express how much faith I have in Ping and Megan and would highly recommend any individual or family to their door to seek migration advice!
    • acevisas says:
      Thank you so much for your kind comments, Ashley and Jonny! We have really enjoyed working closely with you on your application. Congratulations on becoming permanent residents of Australia! Ping and Megan
  26. Claire and Iain Lindley says:
    Today my family were granted Permanent Residency for Australia transferring from a 457 and this is down to the incredible work by the team at Ace Visa’s. I came across them via Google after being told by another migration agent I would not be able to successfully obtain my PR for another 2 years as I didn’t have a degree. The work that Ping and Megan put in to my case has lead to this fantastic outcome. They were consistent with their advice, and clearly stated at every opportunity the information they required and the timescales we had to work to. The knowledge they have made me feel confident I was in safe hands. I never doubted their ability and thank them for their hard work and dedication (especially Ping who at one point sent me an email only 8 hours after giving birth to her baby daughter!). It goes without saying I recommend Ace Visa’s to anyone looking for advice and an honest, genuine service.
  27. We heard of ACE Visas through a friend who also gained Permanent Residency from a 457 visa. Without Ping and Megan we wouldn’t of been able to submit our application on time, with their constant updates, support and advice we managed to gain our Permanent visa within 3 months! From our first meeting with Ping it was clear she was very knowledgeable about what visa would suit us best and outlined all options.They clearly worked extremely hard and put all the hours in to submit our application on time. I would highly recommend Ping and the ACE Visas team to anyone.
  28. Leny and Dian says:
    I used ACE visa Australia services since 2012. They gave incredible services and we got 485 visa only in 5 months, then for 187 visa in 4 months!!! Amazing work. Thank you so much for ACE’s team: Ping, Megan, Smiling…
  29. Michael Matthews says:
    Hi guys, Just a few words on my experience with ACE Visas. I came to them at quite a late stage as I only had 1 week left on my current visa. They were a great help and they got my application in on time. They were always on hand with any questions I may have had, My application was not a straightforward one but the team at ACE made it easy. I was granted my permanent visa mid this year, I will also be using there service to apply for my citizenship when my time comes next year. I would recommend them to any person walking the minefield that is applying for an Australian visa. I got the news from my visa as Ping lay in hospital after giving birth to her daughter!!. Now you cant get much more committed than that! Thanks ACE! Pleasure
  30. clementine says:
    hi everyone! A big thanks to ACE visa’s team! they did a really great job for us!Our case was really complicated and we were so stressed as we wanted to come back in australia to keep going our project.Ping and Stephanie have been extremely effective and have done a highly serious work as our 457 visa has been granted a month after they submitted the application!!we couldn t expected more than that!We strongly recommend ACE visa!Clem and vic
  31. Vega and Yovina says:
    From Student Visa to Permanent Residency and finally CITIZENSHIP APPROVED!! ***A dream come true and a new beginning*** All the credits goes to Mrs. Ping Wang and the ACE Visas Team for all the help, effort and support all the way to make this day happen! In search of migration services in early January 2012, my wife and I have been appointing different migration agents and migration lawyers to guide us through the visa processes. After 2 or 3 different consultation, we came across ACE VISAS from an online search where we could fill in a quick form and the very next day we were in contact with Mrs. Ping. I can only describe first meeting as “Trust at first Contact”. The personality, professional approach and quality of service has, without a doubt, put us in our comfort zone. The other great thing about ACE VISAS is their devotion to make flawless applications whereby they go through very detailed analysis of the situation as well as thinking outside the box to devise many possible solutions from which they will carefully select the most suitable option to bring you the best outcome. Unlike other migration agents we have consulted, our case was reviewed on the day of our first appointment and ideas were proposed without any hesitation regarding our situation at no extra costs and binding contracts. Logically,the company will need money to run, but it seems to me that they are driven by the success of each and every single case they undertake. Only words will never be sufficient to describe our appreciation for this team. As a conclusive note, I believe that choosing your migrating agent is the first and most crucial part of any visa application. After my experience with the team, I personally recommend ACE VISAS. No matter the type of visas you want to apply, the type of service you are seeking, they have something tailored for your needs. They will stay connected at every stage of the different visa processes and keep you updated about the progress. One certain thing is they ace at visas and proudly wears the name “ACE VISAS”! Our heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Ping Wang and her great team for everything. We can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us. Special thanks to Mrs. Ping Wang for all the patience in putting up with all the endless calls, messages, and emails. Vega and Yovina. (January 2014)
  32. Julien&constance says:
    Hi everyone, We have our application lodged last year back in May 2013, and we didn’t have time to write something about the incredible job that Megan, Smiling and espacially Ping did. Thank you very much for your kindness and your time, we really appreciated your help and definitly come back to you for our citizenship. Again a BIG THANK YOU!!! Julien & Constance.
  33. Sinead & Wayne says:
    Myself and my fiance found ACE visas through the internet and decided to book a skype consultation with Ping Wang, she was absolutely amazing and went through every detail to ensure we were eligible for another visa to stay in Australia. Ping was a pleasure to work with and her expertise was really needed as our case was very complicated due to our 457 cancellation. Despite many obstacles along the way our GSM visa was granted last week and we could not have done this without the help and hard work from Ping, Megan & Smiling. I will be recommending ACE visas to all of our friends & family. Thanks again Ping for all your help we really do appreciate it. Sinead & Wayne (Ireland)
  34. Dante says:
    I approached ace visas for my visa application because it was highly recommended to us by another company. It was Ms. Ping who handled my case. She asked me detailed questions so that she could understand on how best to help me and which steps to take to maximize my chances of getting a graduate visa. Everything went smoothly and according to what she told me which shows her expertise on this service. She was meticulous and efficient along the way and I will definitely recommend her and her company’s services.
  35. Isabella,Marites and Sean Rogerson says:
    I was recommended ACE visas by a workmate and he was certainly right on the money! Ping is very knowledgeable,hard working,courteous,patient and thorough and all her dealings with us were so smooth and easy! We unfortunately had a financial hiccup just after my skills assessment stage which slowed our progress considerably but Ping and Smiling were very patient and encouraging and after everything we have come out of it with our PR and after the waiting period we will be back again for my wifes citizenship! I’d like to thank everybody at ACE who helped us with our journey at some stage but certainly have to specifically mention Megan who’s fastidious nature ensured a smooth application and of course Smiling who was extra helpful right the way through. I’d thoroughly recommend ACE visas to anyone who felt as out of their depth as I did when first looking at immigration in Australia. Regards Bella,Tess and Sean
  36. Joel says:
    I choose ACE for my partner visa application because Ping was very responsive to all my initial email enquires and this made me feel very comfortable dealing with them. Megan did an excellent job too, she’s very detailed and patient, always ensure everything has been called out, never missed out a single simple information from us. Smiling’s customer service skill is great, always putting on a cheerful smile and making good coffee :) Once again, a BIG thank you to Ping and her team mates, my temp visa was approved earlier than expected :) I would recommend ACE to anyone thinking of migrating to Western Australia/Perth ! Cheers
  37. Luke & Tara says:
    After being back home for 15 months we finally got my grant notification last week (after we applied end of December, so 8 months off application waiting time)! Can’t wait to fly back over next month to finally be fulltime together again. It has been a long and annoying waiting game but all worth it thanks to Ping and Megan. Ping was the one who e-mailed me back on my frustrated and emotional e-mail after my unexpected refusal of a 2nd working holiday visa. She was the one who made us believe there was a chance and she was the one (with Megan!!) who made it happen. Megan and Ping, thank you both so much! I’ve been nervous everyday to refresh my email inbox, so glad the game is over, and we won! Best of luck, to you, your company, but most important your own families :)
  38. Vishal says:
    Hi I have done certificate 3 in cookrey and also diploma in business administration so can I qualified as a restaurant manager thanx for ur advise
  39. Stefano&Barbara says:
    We met Ping in May 2013 and just after the first meeting, we decided to apply for ACE service. We knew what we wanted and she knew how to get it. Prefect situation. We really appreciated the IELTS package included in the service….it’s been very helpful in getting the result needed!!! I recommend it! We want to say thank you to all of you…Ping, Smiling, Megan,…for your kindness andavailability in answering to all my questions…and I have made a lot of them!!! Do you want to be sure to get a visa?? Don’t loose anymore time and pop in their office!
  40. Paul & Li Xue says:
    I contacted Ace visas Ping Wang back in Nov 2014. From around that time we spent hours getting lots documents compiled and we really appreciate all the work Ping did to guide us thru this process and with all the intricies it takes to lodge a prospective marriage 300 visa. Li Xue my partner she has recently just got a 1 year multi entry visa to be in Austrlia and we spent Xmas together in Perth which was awesome . Ping and the ACE team are very professional and we are confident that the 300 visa will be approved soon given the level of professionalism the Ace team put into our case. Ping and Meagan are very meticolous with the detail which is extremely important. Great Xmas & New Year Gift Thanks guys Paul & Li Xue
  41. Hui Cai says:
    Fortunately contacting ace visa service company in 2014, i gave wang ping one call to ask the details about my skilled independence immigration visa via subclass 189. At that moment, she gave me detailed and professional advise with patience. And she checked on the relevant materials and gave me the later instructions to prepare the application documents. Even i left Australia for my personal reason, she as well advised me the progress on time and focused on my case carefully. That is my lucky to meet these professional team with higher responsibility. I hope this service group will have good luck in future and best wishes!
  42. Sandra says:
    Thank you Ping and Megan for being so thorough and efficient. It made the 187 process much smoother both for my employer and for myself as we were sure that all aspects were getting adequately covered. Ace Visas has a very professional team that pays attention to every detail. After meeting Ping, I was sure that I had made a good choice especially after speaking to a few agents over the phone who did not seem to have the same knowledge of the processes and standards in Perth. I was very happy to get my Permanent visa granted in November, 3 months after we submitted the application and it was all a process made very easy by the team at Ace Visas. Thanks once again Ping & Megan for your hard work, I will be recommending your services to anyone needing a Migration Agent. All the best, Sandra.
  43. Veda & Krishna says:
    Hello Ping.. We would like to thank you and your team for your endless support throughout our visa application process. We really enjoyed your professionalism and the way ACE VISAS break down complex materials to help anyone understand each and every step they need to undertake to successfully apply for any visas. Following your team’s hard work, we found ourselves with a new beginning in Australia early this year. I was finally able to meet up with my brother after 7 years. We do not have words to describe the excitement and happiness brought upon us. We would definitely recommend ACE VISAS to anyone who needs a visa to Australia. Regardless of your situation, ACE VISAS will provide you with the right solutions! We are looking forward to use your services again in the near future. Our Deepest Regards to you and your team for everything! – Veda & Krishna
  44. Shiv says:
    Thank you so much Ping & Megan for this wonderful news ,I really appreciate all the help & efforts that your team has done. I cannot describe how happy I am to receive my visa.Thanks once again for you assistance ,professionalism,efficiency,and more so your patience in our communication.Every request of mine was fulfilled to the details I required. You guys have been absolutely amazing at what you do. Regards Shiv
  45. Warren says:
    Great, Superb. Ping and Megan handled my 187 visa very well. We all worked on it step by step and it was granted to my partner Yucca and I on the 13th of August 2015. Our first meeting with Ping Wang was on 2nd of October 2014 and therefore the whole process took under a year. This included the 6-9 month processing time for immigration to asses it. Ping and Megan were very thorough and professional to insure our visa was successful. Ping who was our principal migration consultant had a very good knowledge of this visa and wouldn’t of let me try for a 187 if she didn’t believe I could get it. Megan worked with us on summiting our documents so we didn’t miss a beat and was not satisfied until everything was perfect. Giving us the best possible chance of getting a successful result which we did :) Warren
  46. 呂yucca says:
    :) 謝謝你。Ping,如同Warren所說的;我們很感謝你所提供的專業資訊及服務,一切繁鎖的文件收集及準備都是值得的。能在澳洲生活及工作我們現在很滿足。
  47. Shane says:
    I found Ace Visa on the internet than met with Megan and decided to get Ping and Megan to help with a partner visa for my girlfriend. Our situation was very complex and required a lot of work. Ping and Megan would always keep my partner and I updated on our progress. They would always make time to take my calls or come in to see them. Ping, Meagan and the rest of the team at Ace Visas are very professional and understanding. Thank you for everything. Shane
  48. Linda says:
    I am very pleased with the help I was given by Ace Visas regarding my partner visa. Due to complicating factors, such as living in different countries for long time periods, I don’t think I would have received permanent residency right away without the advice and experience of Ping Wang. The agency was also helpful with my questions regarding travels and studies throughout the whole process.
  49. Rodney and Crisanta Coates says:
    At the time when my fiancée and I were looking for a local Perth migration agent our thoughts immediately turned to those that I had had past experience with throughout my employment in the hospitality sector. However after very careful consideration and after much research on the internet we decided to go and see Ace Visa’s. I had previously experienced agents who continually gave false or misleading information and several who just simply forgot to reply or return telephone calls to my questions/emails that I had raised from time to time. We initially meet with Ping to gauge as to whether this was going to be the company that we would engage to fulfill our complex permanent partner Visa application. At that first meeting Ping listened intently to every word we said, took numerous notes and replied precisely explaining all the visa stages that we needed to endure and the amount of information we needed to gather and provide. She even provided a likely timetable of the various stages that we would need to adhere to. I say complex because my fiancée and I were traveling substantially between the Philippines and Australia and it required a migration agent that understood our very special set of circumstances with a never give up type of positive and helpful attitude. We experience all these prerequisites at our very first meeting and we both left feeling very much at ease and certain we had found the right agent. Well as time moved on we worked very closely with Megan who I would have to say has the very best attention to detail that I have ever seen in any case managers assistant. Through out the process our travel required many bridging visas and as always Ace Visas prepared applications and followed up to ensure they would be issued in a timely manner and with out delay. The experience to date is best described as professional, thorough and relentless in detailed preparation to achieve the common goals. We are now about to enter the final stage of the permanent partner Visa and again I look forward to working with Ace Visa’s to assist us with this final process We have no hesitation in recommending Ping and her assistant Megan to anyone who is looking for a truly experienced and professional migration agency who do enjoy great success and respect. Rodney and Crisanta.
  50. Alicia & Michael says:
    Dear Ms Wang, Please accept our sincere gratitude for helping our son LM with his visa application. You are obviously very good at your work and do it in a professional and diligent manner. We are happy that LM will now have some security in his life and be able to plan his future in Australia. We are also looking forward to visiting him as we fell in love with Australia last time we were there. Thanks again and best wishes, Alicia & Michael
  51. Shane says:
    Hi Ping and Megan, We are extremely happy that we have finally been granted the visa’s. I will be arriving in Perth and would like to come in to the office just to thank you both and the rest of your team who helped us achieving a great outcome. I know how much work goes into an application and ours was also challenging. Looking forward to seeing you next week. Shane
  52. Johnson Olunga says:
    I would love to thank ACE visitor there continuous help and support through our visa process. I was in Uganda and they had never tackled a visa for a person in Uganda but with there professional skills I am happily living in Australia I got a defacto visa for 2 years and now I have my permanent visa. Thank you very much for your help We do appreciate and I would recommend these lovely people to any one who needs help with there Visas.. Long live ACE VISAS.
  53. Dana B M says:
    What an amazing service!!! PART 1- the consultancy call: 5 Stars I first used to Ace Visa to identify which working visa application I should opt for. I had already browsed the gov pages for all information i could get about visas but Ping Wang was extremely knowledgeable and had done a lot of research to answer my very specific case questions. On top of recommending the right visa and guiding me through its requirements she gave me valuable advice to be able to succeed in getting the Visa approved. Advice only someone of such trade &experience would know! I am so glad i took the consultancy session over Skype with them! PART 2- Visa Application process- Over the top! A sky of Stars!!! As I wanted to increase my chances of getting my Visa approved i chose to submit the application with Ace Visas. And that was the best call! I found it pricey at first but considering the amount of hours and effort Ping Wang has put into filling my application I must admit it is extremely good value for money!!! Apart from that, they have done a very meticulous work with my application and covered several details I would not have though of! The application got approved without any questions asked so I got what I went for. But the most amazing part of their services is that Ping Wang has gone way above and beyond her duties, as she was respondent way outside office hours! I was in an opposite time zone yet this did not affect the work process because Ping Wang made herself available at unbelievable hours of the night! She also prioritised tasks with purpose and met the deadlines I had due to the difficult conditions of my application. We had a Skype contact ongoing as well as numerous emails with edits suggestions. The level of commitment and delivery from Ace Visas was remarkable. An excellent customer experience! Thanks a million Ace Visas!
  54. Anita says:
    Excellent service and support throughout the process. Highly Recommended ACE visas. Thanks Ping !
  55. keith says:
    Ping were amazing help in guiding us through the Partner visa process.Instead of an overwhelming task that we kept putting off,they broke it down into a step by step process and overlooked everything before submitting. what’s best is we found out we got Approved. I Highly recommended Ace visas Perth Australia. Thank you so much Ping.

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