IELTS Preparation

Under the ACE Group, ACE International College (ACEIC) provides highly specialized IELTS preparation courses in Perth, Western Australia.

Excellent Track Record

Through our IELTS coaching, we have helped many students reach their IELTS targets, whether it is to achieve four IELTS 7’s, four IELTS 6’s or four IELTS 5’s. Our student success rate has been 80-90% in the past 5 years! Sometimes even a 100% success rate for entire classes!

Flexible Timetables

ACEIC IELTS courses are offered to small groups of students (normally 4-12 students). Our timetables are very flexible as we try to ensure every student can attend each class in order to get the best experience out of our courses. We run daytime, evening and weekend courses throughout the year.

We usually run our classes in the following time:

Give us a call to find out recent timetables and available lessons: +61 8 9361 6188 / +61 411 215 728.

Current IELTS Preparation/Coaching Courses

ACEIC IELTS preparation and coaching courses focus on teaching strategies of tackling the IELTS test in each component (speaking, listening, reading and writing). We also provide the core vocabulary for the IELTS test to fully prepare our students for the IELTS test. In addition, we have the IELTS core grammar sessions which is essential to know for the writing component of the IELTS test. All our practice questions are from real IELTS tests or most recent well-known official IELTS preparation books.

What is most popular with our students is our IELTS Mock Test & Analysis Workshops. Most students find that they often make the same sorts of mistakes again and again the IELTS tests which can be avoided with a bit of caution. In addition, the mock test analysis and feedback sessions give students insight of how they should apply the strategies they have learned in real exams.

Online IELTS Courses (Distant Learning Modules)

In order to help people from all over the world who are not able to come to Perth, Western Australia to enjoy our excellent IELTS training courses in one of our classrooms with our excellent teachers, we have developed various online IELTS courses. You can choose some of the modules or complete courses depending on your current English and IELTS levels.

With our online course options, you willl be able to study at home at any time no matter where you are in the world. Components of our Online IELTS Courses include:

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