Perth RCB suspended on 8th June 2012 till later notice

Skilled Migration Western Australia has announced that it will not accept applications for Regional Certifying Body (RCB) certification after 5:00pm Friday 8 June 2012:

Suspension of Certification under Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme from 8 June 2012

Due to the changes being implemented by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), current certification arrangements are only valid to 30 June 2012. Skilled Migration Western Australia (SMWA) is receiving an increasing number of applications each day for certification of positions under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS). For this reason SMWA will not be able to accept applications for the whole of June.

Applications for certification of positions under RSMS will be accepted until 5pm, Friday 8 June. Applications for certification of positions under RSMS will not be accepted after this time, until further notice.

(Source MIA)

4 responses to “Perth RCB suspended on 8th June 2012 till later notice”

  1. acevisas says:
    Hi We now have one blog that covers RCB/ RSMS please click on the below link
  2. Twinkle says:
    Hi Ping. I am on 457 visa, applied for my 857 Back in june for which i received the ACK letter and got the Medicare card. My question is since i have got a Medicare card i am eligible for medical cover provided by Medicare. Do i still have to keep my Private Health Insurance Cover to comply 8501 condition on my Subclass 457. During last few days i have been trying to find it out by calling DIAC and email e457 Administration and Private health insurer but unfortunately none of them have been able to provide me correct and significant information. Just wondering someone else is/was in the same condition.
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Twinkle. I believe you still have to meet all requirements of your current 457 visa. You will have to look at the two matters separately. Unfortunatly, you should meet your visa conditions at all times when the visa is still valid. It may be altered when you are on a bridging visa. Did you get a different confirmation?
  3. Twinkle says:
    HI Ping. The information which i received from the DIAC was different from different sources. On the helpline i was advised that i do not require Health Insurance as i already have a Medicare. Whereas, when i emailed to e457 email i got a replying saying that i have to meet the condition 8501 all the time during my visa.

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