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Perth Western Australian Regional Certifying Body (RCB) Requirements and Processing Update


Regional Certifying Body (RCB) for Perth WA is still processing all RCB applications lodged before end of June. A confirmation letter has been sent out to applicants to confirm if a visa application has been lodged before end of June. If not, the RCB application will be assessed with the new July criteria. – Updated 14 July 2012

The new Regional Certifying Body (RCB) Regulations for Perth Metropolitan area have been released yesterday (22 March 2012) and we are delighted to note that there is now NO Labour Market Testing!!  – Updated 23 March 2012

Previous published on 25 Nov 2011:

In regards to the certification requirements for Regional Sonsored Migration Scheme (Subclass 119/857) visas in Perth Western Australia, the Western Australian State Migration Office (SMO) has advised that the proposed changes to the requirements for the Perth Metropolitan Regional Certifying Body (RCB) have not been agreed by the WA Government.

Under current requirements, employers are still required to provide evidence of Labour Market Testing (LMT), at least  3months local and national newspaper and online advertisment.

The SMO are continuing to negotiate the new terms and conditions with other sections of the WA Government.

Currently, there are 120 RCB applications awaiting assessment under the new regulations. These will continue to be held over until new regulations are in place.

DIAC has advised that applications already submitted which require RCB certification will not be assessed until at least 5 to 8 months after lodgement. It is hoped that the RCB certification issues will be resolved prior to that time.

(Source: MIA)

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  1. Kitty B says:
    I am currently in a job with an employer that wishes to sponsor me for the 857 (in central Perth). They did advertise on (the ads last 30 days) and online on Gumtree. I dont think they advertised in the newspapers though. Ive been in the job for 3 months now, having found it on and have been aware of the ads running online to which they apparently didnt receive any suitable replies from Australian residents (or even coherent ones if the owner is to be believed) and as I am doing quite well, he wants me to stay. If they didnt advertise in the papers, does that mean that the 3 months advertising online is invalid? Is the WA govt likely to agree to the new regulations on labour market testing for the RCB?
  2. Manny says:
    Hello Kitty RCB needs advertisements, online advertisements should be fine. Your employer doesnt have to advertise both in paper and online, but under the current criteria they need 3 months active advertisements. I am not sure whether WA govt will agree the new regulations or not, because I am speaking to RCB people on weekly basis and they havent provided me any update. In December they advised me that new rules will occur in January, now they are saying in February. Even though I spoke to RSMS case officer other day and he said that he is not sure whether WA govt will increase/decrease the time duration of the advertisement. He said in new rules it may be more than 3 months or lesser. So fingers crossed as I am also waiting on this, I dont know If my employer start putting up the advertisements from today and after 3 months if this visa will be still there or not as rules are keep on changing or they will take Perth out of regional area???. So good luck and all the very best…:) If you have any thoughts please leave a reply. Thank you Manny
  3. Nicola says:
    This doesn’t strike me as good news… my employer also wants to sponsor me under the 857 visa, I’ve now been in the job 4 months – and being on a WHV I can only work here another 2 months. When I contacted the RCB in December they told me new information/requirements would be announced in the next couple of weeks – obviously we are all still waiting. My employer advertised my job at the beginning of this week (they have been quite slow and are working to the two week advertisement theory) and if the rules don’t change that means they are going to have to advertise my position for longer than I’ve got left. I’m getting worried that I’m not going to have any income in 2 months time!
  4. acevisas says:
    Hi everyone who has been waiting on WA RCB labour market testing (LMT) changes! When exactly are the RSMS LMT legislative changes going to happen? As registered migration agents, we just attended a meeting with DIAC the immigration department’s RSMS team and Skilled Migration WA this morning. It looks like the new policy may be approved in a month or so! However, nobody really knows until that happens. Because it has been a while people have been told about the changes happening soon. However, it is not definitely required that all three types of advertisements have to be done. Generally speaking two types of advertisement for three months will be accepted. However, this will depend on different cases. We will update here and on our newsletters as soon as any news are available. To receive our migration newsletters, simply subscribe on our home page under “Migration Resourses”. Ping Wang Principal Migration Agent MARN 1169775 08-6102 0388
  5. sukhjinder singh says:
    The advertisement should be only in newspaper…or in newspaper and online both…
  6. acevisas says:
    Hi Sukhjinder Normally the employer should run at least two types of advertisement widely for three months at this stage. However, if new policy comes out soon, this may change – more likely will be more relaxed than the current policy… We will see… RCB is still processing application. If you are qualified, do not hesitate to lodge applications. Bear in mind, if you lodge an 457, RSMS or ENS application yourself without using a registered migration agent, you may run into risks of lodging an invalid appliction which will result in your migration status becoming unlawful! Besides, your application will be waiting in the cue and it may take 4, 5 or even 6 months to hear any result from the immigration. But, on the other hand, if a registered migration lodges a Decistion Ready Application for you, your application will be assigned a case officer within 10 days and case will not be in the normal cue but be processed with a very short period of time! – Ping, ACE Visas Australia
  7. Ravinder says:
    Hi, i am ravinder form rockhampton. my employer is going to sponsor me as a cook. i got a job via website in nov 2011. but RCB requires a local newspaper prove for advertisement. my employer did the advertisement in the local newspaper this saturday. i have a copy of that. if RCB call my employer or me about what i am doing at now. so what i will say on that time. is i am doing from three months or i just join the job at now? can you please clarify my point. we know that newspaper advertisement is like a doggy thing. me and my employer know that i joined the job in nov 2011. and employer did the newspaper advertisement in last week for the same job. thanks
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Ravinder I don’t know what you are doing right now, but it is supposed to be after 3 months advertisement the employer decides to choose you over other applicants. – Ping, ACE Visas Australia
      • Ravinder says:
        I am cook in a restaurant since nov 2011. but according to RCB i am doing job after the newspaper advertisement. which was on 4 FEB 2012 advertisement. you said advertisement should be 3 months old. so that means i have to wait for 3 months.
  8. jesumini omo says:
    I need advise,am on student visa and will expire next month march,what will happen to me if i have not apply before my visa expire because I my employer are yet to advertise the position and I am planning to apply for the rmsm 857
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Jesumini, Are you using a registered migration for your visa application? If so, they should be able to advise you on this. If not, I would strongly recommend you to use a registered migration agent to deal with your visa application. Basically if your visa has expired and you have not lodged a valid visa application, you will become unlawful and you must leave Australia as soon as possible. You will be barred to apply for majority of visas in future. This is a very tricky situation and my advice is that this has to be considered on case by case basis very carefully. Whether you will be qualified to lodge the 857 visa application and be accepted as a Valide Application, we will have to know about yours and the employer’s situations..If you require further advice, we will need to arrange an appointment with you. – Ping, ACE Visas Australia
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Jesumini, please give me a call and I can advise you on this situation. You may be able to lodge RCB application then visa application before visa expires. My number is 08-6102 0388. – Ping, ACE Visas
  9. Manny says:
    Hello Acevisas Just have a general enquiry about RSMS visa, As my RCB certification has been approved and I am going to send my employer nomination to immigration. I am hired as an Assistant Accountant. I need advise and help for this and also If you can tell me are there any reasons immigration can cancel my employers nomination. My employer is a medium type manufacturing company with over 150 employees in Perth and in that over 145 employees are PR/Citizens. My company has recently sponsored couple of guys for 457 visa as a cook, their nomination was approved with no issues at all. Is there any limit on employer, that they can only sponsor 2 people in 5 years or so, which will affect my sponsorship for 857 visa? Thanks
  10. acevisas says:
    Congratulation! I don’t think you should worry about this, Manny. It is only good for you if the employer has already sponsored other 457s or 857s and of course has complied all their obligations as the sponsor or nominator. So, did you put in 1 or 2 types of advertisement for your RCB approval? Was it 3 months or more? If you have been working for the same employer for a while, the LMT requirement is not that strict as I understand. Would be interesting to hear about your case as it has been approved now. – Ping, ACE Visas –
  11. Manny says:
    Thank you very much, PIng. So you are saying that there is no limit on employer that they can only sponsor x no. of employees in a given financial year???? My employer advertised the job only online and he did that for about three months, as I was already working there for 7 months RCB considered that as well, Hoping to get thru to this visa process, as I am bit nervous that immigration may cancel the nomination without any reason??? If you can advise me, greatly appreciated. Thank you
  12. GP says:
    Hi there I am confused about my situation and was hoping for some light. I have been working in the Company since July 2011. My Company made the advertisement in the Company’s own website late November 2011. The SEEK advertisement was made in late January 2012. The Newspaper advertisement will be made in late February-not taking any more chances. I am an Engineer in Renewables. Have 8.5/9 IELTS score(L=7.5 R=9.0 W=8.0 S=8.5). I have been working in Perth WA for more than a year as an Engineer. Based on this, how long will the RCB take for its conclusion on my papers for Stage 1? Regards, GP
    • acevisas says:
      Hi, I don’t think you need to go that far in your case. If you have two advertisements for three months that is sufficient. – Ping
  13. GP says:
    The Company sponsored 1 person recently on a 457 whereas I am applying on a 857 RSMS.I’m not sure if the Department or RCB authorities have this info about the Company being a Sponsoring body.
    • acevisas says:
      RCB probably won’t know about it. It has nothing to do with the 457 sponsorship anyway… – Ping, ACE Visas Australia.
  14. aman kumar says:
    hi ace my employer is going to sponser me for 857 and i have applied 885 in sep 2009 and still in waiting i am on bridging visa at the moment should i need ielts again as immigration has my all documents recieved for 885,so which visa would be apply on me 119/857.
    • acevisas says:
      You can apply for 857. But you need to address exceptional reasons for applying the onshore visas on a bridging visa. For this kind of cases you really should get a professional migration agent to do it for you otherwise you may not be successful, because under normal situation you cannot apply any substantive visa while on a bridging visa for more than 28 days. – Ping, ACE Visas Australia.
      • aman kumar says:
        my employer is not happy to get a agent because she does not want her information disclosed with anyone. she have applied for a RCB approval this week and she can get a nomination for me as well,what i was thinking she can do 1st and 2nd step byherself and i can do 3rd with the help of you guys,as i live in east vic park very close to your office.if you can send me any refrence number or any phone number so i can come down to discuss my my papers been recieved by immigration in 2009 and what exception i can provide them to approve my 857/119 visa.i have national police clearance.
        • acevisas says:
          You can make an appointment to come in to our office at Unit 1, 353 Shepperton Rd, East Victoria Park. Feel free to call me at 0411 215 728You will be eligible for 119 but the only difference is that you will have to leave the country for a short period of time (for holiday?) when the visa is about to grant. – Ping
  15. Michael Matthews says:
    Hi, I have lodged an application to be certified with the Perth Metro RCB, the usual story they must wait for the new rules to come in before they can approve/process. I am on my second WHV, and have been with my employer for 5 and a half months. I can only work with them for 6 months as per visa rules. He wants to keep me on until my visa has been processed, but this will more than likely be after the 6 months, I really need to be at work as I have started projects that need to be completed etc. I have rang the DIAC and they have said I can apply for an extension to the 6 months and that I need to contact the office in charge of my application, which at the moment in the Perth RCB. I contacted them and they have said that they dont deal with the extensions only the Certification. I then rang the DIAC and they say again that the application is not in there office yet. They gave me an email address and said they can help. I have applied to this for the extension but I have heard nothing back, Can anyone help, or does anybody know what office the new email address belongs to? Michael
  16. Mickel says:
    Hi Ping, I’ve been working for my current employer for 7 months, and before that, I also worked full time in WA with another employer. For my circumstance, if my employer suponsor me to apply for the RSMS, may I be exempted from the LMS? Thanks.
  17. GP says:
    Hi Ping, Thanks for your input. I wanted to know when the RSMS application is lodged and provided all the LMT requirements are given according to the old check-list , will the RCB still be waiting for the new check-list to come through or assess my application as per the old one? GP
  18. victor says:
    Hi there!!! my employer is preparing to nominate my position as a cook. But the fact that I consulted a MA on the phone, he said that I will need to redo my TRA. I am currently on a 485 visa, I got my TRA in 2009. And does my employer jas to show any document of mine when applying the nomination?? Thank you
    • acevisas says:
      No you don’t need TRA if it is a RSMS visa. Also during nomination stage they don’t need documents from you. – Ping
  19. james says:
    hi we have lodge our application a week before (RCB) for certification but RCB have put our application on hold. We have done online advertisement in last 3 months but I don’t know what r the new rules are? I m working with them from last 2.5 years which was started Nov 2009 to Nov 2010( Part time ) and then full time from Nov 2010 to current. what is possible outcome for me case. Could U please suggest me anything ? thanks
    • acevisas says:
      Have you done other advertisement? Normally you need two kinds of advertisements. You should ask your agent to check with RCB why they put yours on hold. – Ping
  20. mandy says:
    hi i m mandy . i m working in hotel they want to sponser me for 857 visa . i m in qld . they stil need advertismrnt for rcb or not ……. thx
  21. roy says:
    Hi everyone. my employers are willing to sponsor me under 119 rsms.its a small cafe of 40 employers and i will be sponsored as a assistant manager. since i have been working there casually as a assistant manager for the last 12 months, i am guessing there is no need for advertisement. its that right?. also is it ok getting sponsored as a assistant manager. or would rcb only consider manager. P.S i completed my bachelors in hospitality and tourism management.
  22. roy says:
    Hi everyone. my employers are willing to sponsor me under 119 rsms.its a small cafe of 40 employers and i will be sponsored as a assistant manager. since i have been working there casually as a assistant manager for the last 12 months, i am guessing there is no need for advertisement. its that right?. also is it ok getting sponsored as a assistant manager. or would rcb only consider manager. P.S i completed my bachelors in hospitality and tourism management.
    • acevisas says:
      advertisement will still be required but not necessarily for 3 months. not sure sure what occupation you refer to. you need to find the relevent occupation on the ANZSCO and must meet RSMS requirements. you should get legal advice from a migration agent about this as it can be very tricky. if the occupation is not right, your application will be refused. – Ping. ACE Visas Australia
  23. Manny says:
    Hello Ping Ace Visas I heard that there will be some changes in the rules for 857 visa by 6 or 7th March by immigration department. something like increase in Ielts requirement and Skill assesments for Accountants. I got my Sponsorship approved from Immigration and RCB both, just want to know that whether this going to affect me or not as I am in the process for my 857. Your help will be greatly appreciated.. Thank you
  24. acevisas says:
    Yes there may be some changes happening mid March!! It is likely to be something to do with Englsh language requirements and skill assessment. We have to check on this closely.. because this may have a big impact on some applicants especially for the ones whose visa is about to expire. for your case, if you have already lodged your visa application you should not be affected. If you have not you may be affected. – Ping, ACE Visas.
    • Manny says:
      Thank you very much ping!! I have lodged my application on Friday, as its paper based application, immigration will receive my application may be by 8th March and also please can you also tell us that what we should expect in terms of Ielts requirements 7 in each or 6 in each. So if i have send my application via post doest it means I will be fine…. or the day immigration will receive my application then it will be fine??? Thank you soo much
  25. Manny says:
    Thank you very much ping!! I have lodged my application on Friday, as its paper based application, immigration will receive my application may be by 8th March and also please can you also tell us that what we should expect in terms of Ielts requirements 7 in each or 6 in each. So if i have send my application via post doest it means I will be fine…. or the day immigration will receive my application then it will be fine and they dint changed the rule then it will be fine for me??? How hard its going to be in terms of Ielts or any other changes immigration will make for 857 visa??? Thanks Manny
  26. GP says:
    HI Ping, I got a “successful” RCB approval last Thursday.It took less than a day to give their approval.(God bless them!) The DIAC visa papers had been already lodged in late January.I am still waiting for the DIAC’s response. I was hoping if you could tell me ,what happens to the visa if in case I become pregnant.I recently married. If the Company decides to let me go due to my pregnancy will my visa be cancelled as well? Thanks very much GP
    • Ping, ACE Visas says:
      Hi GP, Congratulations!! You have a good profile and RCB likes to see that kind of applications. Well, if the company is happy to let you go that is not a problem. However, you cannot leave the company yourself. You are supposed to fullfill the 2 year full time employment before you are free. – Ping
  27. Ping, ACE Visas says:
    Possible changes of RSMS visa requirements in March! 1. It is likely that IELTS band 5 overall will be required 2. It is likely that a Skills Assessment will be required These are the changes we presume that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) will be implementing according to the recent review of its Permanent Employer Sponsored visa categories. These visa categories include the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visas. We received information that, between 8 and 12 March 2012, the outcomes of this review are due to be announced. Ping, ACE Visas
  28. CF says:
    Hi Ping, I am a German and currently in Perth. I am on a Subclass 956.My partner recently had her RCB approved and waiting for the DIAC. According to the Acknowledgement papers of the Bridging Visa from DIAC, it says I can be included in her RSMS visa application as long as the condition 8503 is not in my current 956 visa. I met my partner in December 2010 shortly after which I left for Germany.I came in March 2011 and we decided to settle in Perth.I returned to Germany and made the necessary arrangements to come to Perth.I arrived in Perth on the June 16 th 2011.We have been living together since then. We can show we have been living together with reference to our apartment’s Tenants Terms of Agreement signed in August 2011 . We don’t have papers from March to July.From what date can I say the defacto relation began?Will it be from March 2011 or from the Tenant Agreements papers signed in end of July? Another question: is it better to include me in her RSMS application now while it is still progressing(provided my defacto relation began from March 2011) or should I apply for a Partner Visa after her RSMS visa is granted? Which would you say would be the best option? Thank you very much . CF
  29. acevisas says:
    Hi guys, please have a look at this link for Reforms to the Permanent Employer-Sponsored Visa Program (including RSMS and ENS): – Ping, ACE Visas
  30. JK says:
    Hi, I need some info about nomination processing time. My employer has got the certification for my position as admin officer on 20th January. And they applied for nomination on the 3rd on feburary. How much time would it take to get the nomination and what are the chances of getting the nomination.
    • acevisas says:
      Hi JK! This will really depend on how well your employer has prepared for the application. how long did it take for you to get RCB approval? – Ping, ACE Visas.
  31. JK says:
    Hi, Initially my application was on hold due to the LMT issue but then my employer kept on advertising and once the 3 month criteria was fulfilled they updated the application and it took less than 10 days after that to get the certification.
  32. acevisas says:
    So, did you work for the company before? or have you started working for the company and when did you start? – Ping
  33. JK says:
    i have been working for the same employer for the past 3 years. My wife is on student visa and I have full working rights as she is doing masters. I will be applying offshore once the nomination is approved. But i am not sure about the chances of nomination.
  34. GP says:
    Hi Ping, I received an email from my CO saying my Job Description /Tasks does not match with the nominated position as an Electrical Engineer.The position in my contract is that of a Renewable Energy Engineer.Although Renewable Energy Engineering is a specialization of Electrical Engineering,this is not mentioned in the ANZSCO website. Can you please advice? Thank you. Regards, GP
    • acevisas says:
      You may need to ask your company to re-submit a revised job description and explain. However since I haven’t seen the actual job description and I am really not in position to advise. The appropriate thing to do at the stage to avoid the application being refused is that you should go and see a registered migration agent. Ensuring Job descriptions match with ANZSCO tasks is critical to RSMS / ENS / 457 nomination and visa applications.
  35. Ranjit says:
    Hi there, this is ranjit. I’m from sunshine coast (qld). My employer is ready to sponsor me with RSMS. I was just wondering that does he need to advertise the job on newspaper or online before we apply for certification? And how old that advertisement should be. And one more question, how old should I be working with that employer before he sponsor me? Any replies will be much appreciated. Thanks :)
    • acevisas says:
      In Perth, 3 months is required at the moment. You don’t have to have worked for the same employer before they can sponsor you. – Ping
  36. Harpreet says:
    hi my course is finish in april, (Painting decoration) My Employer is in perth and i am doing my course in melbourne, what i do,is new permanent reform effect on regional employer sponeser scheme
  37. danny says:
    hi, employer got a rcb certified as a resturants manager for me within 6 day`s. it is franchise pizza company. my question is am i going to affected new rules if i lodged the DIAC nomination & visa application together before 1st July 2012…? franchise pizza company is consider as restaurants or not. .eagerly waiting for ur response . thnx…
    • acevisas says:
      if it is a take a way setting, good chance it is not a restaurant. they may need to nominate a different occupation. changes are not going to affect you right now. – Ping
  38. neeru says:
    Hi everyone, Can you please guide me for my visa, I have applied for 119 visa. Company has sponsored me as a Restaurant manager I have lodged for RCB on Feb, its not approved yet. Company advertised at seek from last 3months but they didn’t had invoice from last 3months so i submitted proof from 22nov2011 which mean its 3months now. Can you tell me how long will it take for approval from RCB. Company has sponsored few people on 457 visa before. Does it take long time for off shore files. Your help will be appreciated.
    • acevisas says:
      RCB may take 1-2 months but most of the cases are quicker as far as i know. offshore applications may take up to 8 months but some are much quicker.. this depends on how well you have prepare your application really. -ping
  39. neeru says:
    i have lodged RCB on 9feb2012
  40. jaswinder kaur says:
    hi m going to apply for rsms my honour gives a advertisement on gumtree .i dont know immigration will recognise it or not but my advertisement is a three month old pls reply me asap
  41. JK says:
    Hi Ping, Do you have any find which applications are currently being processed for RSMS nomination. I mean the dates which they have reached in terms of nomination applications.
  42. Saam says:
    Hi Ping , I am very difficult situation , i am applying RSMS visa under cook profession based in perth . my visa is going to expire in April . i have applied for RCB it’s been 12 days i haven’t hear anything yet. If RCB put me on hold then can I apply for visa and nomination without RCB approval ??? please expecting to hear from you as soon as possible.
  43. Saam says:
    Hi Ping, Is there any risk involvement of refuse my my visa from DIAC if I apply without RCB approval ?? please kindly reply me .
  44. Tarrat says:
    Hi Ping, I have been studying hospitality management for two years and since I started my studies in February 2010 I have been working as a cook. I moved from Melbourne to Perth 3 months ago and I have been working in a restaurant that wants to sponsor me for the 857. My student visa has expired yesterday but I have already applied for the TR (so I have been granted a Bridging Visa A). Can I still apply for the RSMS even if I am under a Bridge Visa? If yes can I see you today to discuss what documents you want my employer produces to start the application? thank you
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Tarra, Yes you can but we must address exceptional circumstance in order for a valid onshore application to be lodged for you. I can see you at 4.30pm today. please call us to confirm appointment: 0411 215 728. a refundable initial consultation fee apply. We will give you details when you call. – Ping ACE Visas
  45. AK says:
    Hi ping, I lodged my application for RCB last week. Couple of months ago my owner advertised a job for the post of Produce manager for me. Later on my migrant agent told me that Produce manager is not in the list for 857 visa and suggest me to change the documents as retail manager. When i questioned him about the advertisement that my owner again need to advertise for the retail manager? he replied me that no need to advertisement again that the previous advertisement will work the application? My concern is that does it affect my RCB application or not and what ever my agent told me is that correct or not? The new rules will affect my application or not if i lodge my application before 1 of julu 2012. Thanks
    • acevisas says:
      I think you need to determine what occupation exactly match with your job with this employer. also if your previous work experience and/or qualification match with the job description of the occupation. Advertisement should reflect the actual occupation nominated. you won’t be affected by new rules for RSMS if your appication is lodged before end of June. – Ping ACE Visas
  46. sandy says:
    Hi..My name is Sandy..I gonna get sposorship on 857 visa as a cook.I got 2 years work experience from the same restaurant and have got all the necessary requirements for this visa.But when I got visa for Australia it’s subclass was 573 that indicates leading diploma to degree.But after getting new visa here,i got study of diploma of business and it was changed from 573 to 572.So,now I had counselling with the agent and according to him this visa subclass from 573 to 572 would effect to have my visa guaranteed for 857.Could You please advise me regarding this,what should I do in this condition?
    • acevisas says:
      I don’t think the fact of changing the visa sublass from 573 to 572 will affect your RSMS application. I don’t know what your background is so I can’t advise on this basis. Have you filled out our online assessment form for me to look at? – Ping ACE Visas
  47. Rav says:
    hi ping…. i like to apply for rsms before this july(in old ruls) my employee already did advrtise and all but he is going to sopnser me as well as other person….so is there anything that he cant sponser two people or is there any less chance to get visa or do u recon we should leave gap between that both file when we apply ?? please guide me…. thanks.
    • acevisas says:
      no problem two applying together. If you are not sure you should really use a professional agent to do it for you to ensure success. – Ping ACE Visas
  48. JK says:
    Hi Ping, I mean the current nomination application under process with DIAC. Thank you.
  49. Wene says:
    Hello Ping, I am sure you have a knowledge of this but just wanting to make sure only. I am applying for rsms 119.I finished a degree of Agriculture major in Animal Science.I got also a Agriculture training here in New Zealand from level 2-4. which are recognized too by the Australia Standard Classification or ANZCO and more than 4 year of experience in Agriculture here in New Zealand. Do i need IETS even though i have already a DIPLOMA as one of evidence of Functional English… Just confusing need your answer to strengthen my understanding.
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Wene, Was your diploma obtained in Australia or New Zealand? Was it obtained through 1 or 2 years study fully in English? If obtained in Australia, at least 1 year at least diploma level; If not in Australia, at least 2 years trade or diploma level will be fine. Must be full-time study. – Ping
  50. Sonu says:
    Hi my employer sponser me in Albany (wa) . Can you tell me we need 3 months old advertisement or long nomination take with immigration after RCB certification.
  51. Wene says:
    Hello ping, Thanks for the diploma is outside from Australia, It is from Philippines with four years course but is all instruction there, are all conducted in English..Only the National Certificate in Agriculture gain here in New Zealands with more than 2 years training.
  52. rom says:
    Hello there, I am working as a welfare worker in perth from last one and half year. Now, my work has told me they ate going to sponsor me. And as one of the criteria is the position has to be advertised for at least three month. the position they are going to sponsor me is on their website from the last three month but it is only advertised as a part time. Now they have told me they are going to make it a full time work. Does that work for the immigration to believe its a full time work? of course my work is a non profit organization. thank you
  53. Kingra says:
    Hi, Ping. Can you tell me .how long nomination take to approve with immigration after RCB certification.
    • acevisas says:
      processig time normally vary depending on cases. Generally speaking can take 1 month to up to 2 or 3 months. -Ping
  54. Paul says:
    Hi What is minimum salary for apply RSMS or whatever? Thanks
  55. rom says:
    Hi Acevisas, I am being sponsored from my workplace since i have been working there for the last one and half year as a support worker in the community. the position was advertised on the website and also on the paper for three month. But it was a part time for 30 hours a week. Also, my boss has told me that they are going to write to the immigration about the same position and because of other staff quitting it has become a full time and they are going to sponsor me as a full time. so, i rang the immigration today and a guy there told me the position still has to be advertised as a full time. what can i do , i m stuck i have got everything ready..plz help regards
    • acevisas says:
      if we are your migration agent, we may be able to help… this is dealt case by case. your agent should have a solution for you. -acevisas
  56. Nayak says:
    Hi Ping, I am an employer in regional VIC (postcode 3384). I have purchased a Hotel in regional VIC havig Bar, restaurant (80 seats), accomodation (10 rooms) and family Bistro. I have spokern with RCB in perticular region and they are also very friendly. I need to nominate 3 positions. Cook, Restaurant Manager & Office Manager. Will all of these positions be nominated in the business having these facilities? Previous owners record says that company is loosing $37000 (year 10-11), & $20000 (year 11-till date). Their annual turnover in $143,000 and have no food facility at all. The business is running to sell alcohol, cigarettes & pizza only. If start serving lunch & dinner I apply the nomination for mentioned positions with very good business forecast and well designed business plan, will that be sufficient for this business to get 3 nomination or its better idea to apply for 2 nomination i.e. cook & restaurant manager. OR what else you suggest me to do there? and can you also inform me about the advertisement & LMT requirements in VIC ?
    • acevisas says:
      it is going to be hard for you to sponsor 3 staff in one go… do you employ any local staff? have you put in large amount of investment to the company? -acevisas.
  57. Kingra says:
    Hi , ping … My employer show my salary $37000 for 857 visa nomination in regional area as cook. Is this fine or not.
  58. harry says:
    hi there i gonna finish my solid plastering from tafe in 20 june.but i will get my certificate in july or employer wanna sponsor can i apply for 857 visa in july?or do i need to do diploma afer that?
    • acevisas says:
      You will need either Certificate III including 2 years on-job training, or a certificate IV in plastering in order to be qualified for 857 visa.
  59. Thomas says:
    Hi, This is a very good web-site regarding RSMS 857 visa. I am a 457 visa holder and working here for nearly 4 years (2.5 years in northwest bush area, 1.2 years for the existing employer). Last December, my employer lodged an application to Perth RCB and there is no reply up till today. my 457 visa will be expired in April. Can I lodge 857 directly without Perth RCB approval? as a government branch, why does it take so long to approve? a 4-year 457 visa still requires 6 months market test? ( I am an Engineering Manager for a construction company). if I am able to apply for 857 Visa without RCB approval, how can I explain to DIAC? Thank you for your advice!
    • acevisas says:
      We have got RCB approved within 24 hours! Have u contacted RCB about your case and told them it is urgent? You could have applied for ENS as you have been on 457 for so long. Did you advertise for three months when putting in RCB application?
  60. Gurpreet Waraich says:
    HI ping I have working as a Community Support Worker For my employer from last 3 years as part time.They can sponsor me for 857 visa on Community Support Worker position and they have sponsored other staffs for this position on 457 visa in the past.I checked that support worker is available on ANZSCO criteria,but still want to make sure that “Support Worker” Position will be fine for RSMS visa as i got Diploma in Community Welfare Work.
  61. Manny says:
    Hi Ping, what do you mean with “remember there is no 3-month advertisement requirement anymore from now on.”? My employer has successfully sponsored a guy as restaurant manager under the 457 visa and he has been told by the case officer that in six/eight months time this guy will be able to apply for the PR. Is it possible? He also wants to sponsor me as cook under the 857 visa program but he has not advertised at all for this position. Thank you Manny
  62. neeru says:
    Hi Ping, My RCB has been approved yesterday. I have applied for 119visa, so i am applying for decision ready application. How long does it take and is there any risk if we had problem in previous file but i have withdrawn my file previously they have given me 28days to comment.
    • Acevisas says:
      Normally your previous application if withdrawn should not have impact on new applications. But what kind of problem was it? If there was fraudulent documents in the previous application that could be have an impact. If it is decision ready should only take 1-2 months some could be 3. -Ping
  63. gouth says:
    hi there im doing plastering cert 3 from tafe its for 2 yrs and im finishing in mid of june .but i will get my qualified certificate in july.and my employer wanna sponsor me with 857 visa.can i apply and do i need 6 band in ielts after july for 857?or can i apply with 5.5 ,because i already have that.thanks
  64. gouth says:
    is it ok to apply only cert 3 ?or do i need diploma?thanks
  65. sam says:
    hi there i gonna finish my bricklaying cert 3(2yrs) in june..but i will get my qualified certificate in employer wanna sponsor me with 857 visa .do i need 6 bands in each after july .and also do i need to do diploma cert 4 to apply 857 .new rules will effect on trade qualifications aswell?thanks
  66. jass says:
    hi acevisas….im doing plastering cert 3 for 2 yrs from finishin in employer wanna apply 119 visa for me .do i need 6 bands in ielts to apply or i can apply with 5 bands?do we need 6 bands in trade course after 1 july..thanks
    • acevisas says:
      Do you have 2 year on job training besides the certificate III? Yes you will have to have Ielts 6 in all components after July unfortunately…
  67. jass says:
  68. R.D says:
    Hi Ping, Firstly, I would like to thank u for being so proactive and helping people like us through this forum. It is so informative and most importantly updated. Thank you so much. My question is regarding my partner. He has applied for offshore RSMS. It’s been a few months and we are still waiting for RCB approval. What would you suggest we should do in order to follow up. Also, just wanted to check how long does it take for the application to be approved after we get the RCB approval? What is the risk %?
    • acevisas says:
      Thanks for your comments! RCB processing have been held up for a while due to the proposed changes of the LMT policies however it has been resolved recently. So, some of the applications that were piled up in the cue should be processed in next few weeks. Once your RCB is approved, if you put in an applicaiton yourself, it may take 4-7 months depending on the country your partner and how well and complete the document are prepared. If you have a migration agent and they are able to lodge a Decision Ready Appilcation for you, it may take 2 or 3 months maximum. Without knowing your case, I am not able to estimate the risk for you. -Ping
      • R.D says:
        Thank you for your prompt reply Ping. We are taking help from an agent for this but in saying that I have to admit that you are far more informative, and there is nothing we can do now. Our agent suggests that they have applied for the visa at the same time when they applied for our RCB application. They said they could do so by providing the reference number of the RCB application. I was wondering if we lodge both applications together, does that help the visa to be approved sooner? Thanks again for your help. Regards
        • acevisas says:
          Hi RD. in my opinion they should not lodge your visa/nomination at the same time with RCB. It will not help with you application to be processed quicker because it will not be decision ready without RCB approval. I would rather get everything ready and then lodge nomination and visa application at the same time as decision ready. Only if the applicant is onshore and visa is about to expire I would lodge without RCB approval. Your partner is offshore I think your visa will be approved a lot quicker if it is lodged after RCB approval as decision ready.
  69. R.D says:
    Thank you Ping. Thank you very much for your honest advice. I really appreciate it. It gives me a point to discuss with my agent and work out what would be the best option for us. I would definitely recommend your service to my friends and acquaintances. Keep up the great work. God bless. Thanks again Regards
  70. vk says:
    hi doing carpentery cert3 for 2 years from silver trowel which is going to finish on 25 boss wanna sponser me 119 visa class.i got 5 each ielts from last if i wanna apply after10th july ,5score will be ok or do i need 6 in ielts.thankyou
    • Acevisas says:
      You will be required to pass Ielts four 6s as a direct entry applicant unfortunately after July the first.
  71. Rex says:
    Hi ping please guide me for rsms if I apply for 119 now how long it’s take to approve RCBcrti and what’s next step I should do?? And same but what if I apply for 857 is tht quicker ??
  72. Rex says:
    Hi ping please guide me for rsms if I apply for 119 now how long it’s take to approve RCBcrti and what’s next step I should do?? And same but what if I apply for 857 is tht quicker ?? Thanks in advance for Reply :)
  73. Rav says:
    Hi ping please guide me for rsms if I apply for 119 now how long it’s take to approve RCBcrti and what’s next step I should do?? And same but what if I apply for 857 is tht quicker ?? Thanks in advance…..
  74. acevisas says:
    Hi Rav, RCB usually takes about 3-5 weeks to process if you have provided all documents when lodging. You should get all Nomi and visa application documents organized while waiting for RCB certification and lodge them as soon as receiving RCB approval. 857 is not necessarily quicker then 119. It is more how well you have prepared your application that will make a difference. Decision ready applications prepared by migration agents will definitely be processed with no. 1 priority.
  75. neeru says:
    Hi Ping, I would like to know how long does decision ready application subclass 119 take to approve because i withdrawn my file on 27jan2012 which was perth sponser because i got a notice of 28days to comment but i didnt had anything to say about that; so do you think they will ask me for my previous file. Thanks for your help
  76. Ranjit says:
    Hi there, my employer is ready to sponsor me with RSMS (qld), but it’s a pizza and pasta shop and it is both dine in and take away. Is it sufficient to sponsor me ? And my employer works by himself plus 2 full time employees( including me). Could it be a problem with immigration not having enough staff ? Thanks.
    • Acevisas says:
      What is the nominated position? No problem with small size companies. The main issue is they have a need for and financial ability to support a 2-year full time position. – ping
  77. Ranjit says:
    First of all, thanks for all your effords acevisas. This site is so helpful and the biggest advantage is that it’s free advise. Normally the first thing migration agents ask is the fee before saying hello. And I’m going to be appointed as a cook with $45000 per annum plus superannuation, for two years. And another thing I’m worried about is that my employer has filled the form 1054 last Friday (30/3/12) and he said he wants to see the contract first and if he’s happy with that then he will advertise the job on Internet ,then will sign the contract. So could it be a problem with dates like the form 1054 has been signed before the job has advertised ? Thanks.
  78. Ranjit says:
    And also is there any skilled assesment in today’s time to be passed for RSMS? Thanks.
  79. neeru says:
    Thanks for your advice.Your site is really helpful. I will definitely refer my friends to your office.
  80. neeru says:
    Thanks. Ping, I am worried about my visa because of my previous file.I did not know about your office before otherwise i would have lodged my application from you. My agent is not helpful at all.As i told you that i have withdrawn my 886file on 28jan 2012 because immi gave me 28days to comment. because of fake experience and they caught it thats why i have withdrawn my file instead of PIC4020. According to your opinion,do you think case officer will ask the reason i have withdrawn my file. Thanks once again
  81. sandhu says:
    Hi Ping, my situation is bit different. i really need some help. I have already apply for TR as a landscaper Gardener. but last year on bridging i start doing cert iii in cookery. because i was working in restaurant and my employer can sponser me. now I want to apply for RSMS 857as a cook. i am not sure if there is any problem for me or not. is it possible that I can apply for it. and one more thing i recently marry and my husband has applied for his TR last year. but this time we want to make application together. please reply asap. thanks alot
    • acevisas says:
      Hi sandhu! whether you will be eligible for RSMS using your cookery experience and qualification will depend on whether you have completed the certificate and how many years experience you have in cooking. Yes you can apply for the visa with your husband included one application. Best for you to fill out our free online assessment form so I have some more information about you in order to give you proper advice. -ping
  82. acevisas says:
    Oh I see… They won’t ask you anything about your previous case anymore but they will be checking your future documents closely I think. Because there is a higher risk attached to your applications. Mage sure you prepare your RSMS very carefully is my advice. I hope u the best luck!
  83. neeru says:
    Thanks a lot! Ping In my current file there is no false document. Once i will get my visa i would like to meet you and thank you for your great help. Now at least i can sleep well. To be honest i have lodged my application from iscah migration. I was new in Perth,my friends referred me to them. Fast food restaurant has sponsered me as a restaurant manager.Do you think there is any other risk.
  84. acevisas says:
    My pleasure! Tell me a bit more about the fast food restaurant. And your ninatrd occupation?
  85. neeru says:
    chicken treat has sponsered me as a restaurant manager.I have done diploma of hospitality management from meridian international school,melbourne.
  86. neeru says:
    And another thing if my visa will be granted does that mean i will get permanent residency straight away and i have to go to delhi for stamp.
    • acevisas says:
      RSMS is a permanent visa. You will get your PR but the condition is that you must work for the same employer for at least two years otherwise your PR may be cancelled. -ping
  87. sandhu says:
    thanks alot Ping. i’ll send you my all details in online assessment and thanks for your reply. I hope you will help me and guide me.
  88. vik says:
    hi, I have finished my cert 3 in graphics pree press. My employer is ready to sponcer me and he has his own printing press. he has advertised in seek on 15th of he want to apply for RCB. Is it possible that he can apply now and if he applied how much time it will take. furthermore if he applied now and it takes 2 or three months then which rules will be applicable on me. thanks
  89. Ranjit says:
    Hi acevisas,, is ielts test valid for two years or one for RSMS ? And one more thing if we are rejected at any stage of the RSMS can we re-apply the application or not ? Thanks.
    • acevisas says:
      IELTS is valid for 2 years. if your visa is refused, i can’t see why you can’t re-apply for good reasons. – Ping acevisas
  90. SC says:
    Hi, I applied RSMS nomination with diac on 3rd feb. I would like to know how much time does DIAC take ot approve it. Thank you
    • acevisas says:
      was it decision ready or normal? decision ready about 1-2 months, but normal 3-4 months for a nomination to be processed. This is based on our expereince and normal time guidline only. -acevisas
  91. SC says:
    Thank you. I am not sure as I provided with all the document that were in the checklist. The subclass is 119.
  92. Ranjit says:
    Hello again, I have got one more question acevisas. I’m after RSMS as we talked before and my employer says that he can give me the annual salary package of $35910. He says that’s good enough to sponsor someone for RSMS (as award rates $17.50x 38 = 665, 665x 54 = 35910 ) . Is it good enough to apply for RSMS? Any replies will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  93. D.V says:
    Hello, My husband lives in Perth WA from last 4 yrs he studied over there hospitality (commercial cookery). His employer sponsored him for RSMS under the position of cook he is working with them from last 2 yrs and the nomination approved on last December, and my migration agent submited our file to DIAC on 19th Jan 2012. but We got the mail regarding clarification of job duties of cook from our case officer on 30th Jan 2012. we submitted our ans within 28 days. but on 29th March,2012 the case officer declained our nomination by saying that the duties is more related to kitchen hand not cook and again gives us 28 days to comment on her decision. now the issue is we are totaly stuck at this stage dont know what to do ahead, Our migration agent told us to reapply for nomination again. and put the file with new nomination. as this is possible??? His employer still wants to sponsor my Husband as cook. Reply as ASAP as we really need your guidance. early response will be much appriciated. Thanks for taking time to read.
    • acevisas says:
      To be honest, the job description could have been done more properly and your visa wouldn’t have to be refused… but yes you can apply again.. but just waste of money and time isn’t it?
  94. Ranjit says:
    And if it’s not good enough, what’s the minimum salary package required for a cook for RSMS?
  95. D.V says:
    Thanks for your reply… So whats your advice as migration agent,, you think that By applying again there is less chances to get the visa?/? . or is there any kind of risk factor which affect our application? kindly guide us…. once again thanks for taking time to reply.
  96. acevisas says:
    RSMS news updates: WA Perth RCB has advised that it will process applications for as long as possible up to 1 June. (announced today 12 April 2012) – Ace Visas
  97. sandeep says:
    Hi I am on 457 visa and want to go for 857 but my situation is bit complicated. I applied for 857 visa before, when I was on bridging visa and got refusal from regional certifying body because my qualification in job contract didn’t match with the actual nominated position. My employer nominated me as a disability service officer in the job contract and mentioned the minimum qualification to get that position is certificate 3 in disability. However, when I applied for 857 RCB put refusal on my application and said, qualification for disability service officer should atleast diploma or higher. i asked my employer to change the qualifiaction, he said it cannot be possible but he can write a letter to say that the requirement for the position is certificate 3 but sandeep qualification and experience suits much better to gain this position. I have studied 2 years of Diploma In Community Welfare work in Australia(Adelaide) and been working for this company past one year. Please guide me how to resolve this issue
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Sandeep. To be honest, your case is not a simple standard one. It is wise to use an experienced migration agent for your next attempt if you want to ensure a success. We can help you if you require our service. It is not something we can advise properly without looking at your previous file and having good understanding of the whole case. My only advice on this is to hire a professional person to do this job for you.
  98. Harpreet says:
    hi Ping My employer is not register with GST. Is it compulsory to register with GST to Sponsor a employee Thanx
  99. SC says:
    Hi, Thank you for all your information regarding RSMS. I just have one confusion according to the Perth Center of Excellence they have reached application filed till 14th december 2011 but I have a friend who filed his case (nomination and visa) two days after I filed my case i.e 5th feb and he received his visa mid of march. How does all this work?
  100. neeru says:
    Hi Ping,I have recieved acknowledgement letter yesterday and i have lodged my 119 file on 28mar2012. How long does it normally take to finalise the file.
  101. Wayne says:
    Hi Ping We are currently waiting for my employer to be assessed and approved by the RCB in Perth and we were just wondering that if this does not come through before July 1st is the process (in theory) still the same to then apply for RSMS. We are intending to apply for an 857 if approved before July 1st but would this transfer to the 119 if we applied after this date. It’s an insurance/maintenance company (est over 30yrs) that have employed me since July ’11 as a solid plasterer. I have a AQF Cert III, a TRA assessment and have spent the past 3 1/2 years working within the trade and I am English. Can you see any problems with this as an application? Thank you for any advice you can offer. Regards Wayne
  102. neeru says:
    But it is decision ready application.
  103. pri says:
    Hi there, From your website I have just applied for the visa assessment. I have completed dip of community welfare in July 2010 and worked as Residential support worker. I have applied for 485 graduate skilled TR for which im still on bridging visa. Now im currently doing a bachelor of nursing in i will complete by end of this year. but immigration rules are keep changing, im bit worried about it and willing to apply PR somehow before the rule changes, is there any possibilities applying from WA or some other state, i dont really mind. I’m married, my husband is nepalese too. he is in australia as wel. he is doing a assosiate degree in engineering and he has 3 semester to finish which is 2 year course only. Im desperately ooking for options available for me to apply for PR. can I work as Disability support worker or youth worker in a full time basis and be eligible for the RSMS.. and it also says thaat i have to go through VETassess, do I have to do that, I already got community welfare worker certificate ur help will b greatly appreciated. reagrds pri
  104. SC says:
    Is an application without medical and police clearance considered decision ready?
  105. neeru says:
    If we lodge decision ready application, is it mention in acknowledgement letter that application is lodged decision ready.
    • acevisas says:
      Your application is not decision ready if iwthout medical or police checks. also only Registered Migration Agents can certify DR applications
  106. panjaa says:
    hi there, i have applied for rsms in jan 2012 and my case officer has asked my agent to withdraw application as the case officer said that the nominated position is not suiatable to the is a caltex fuel station and the position nominated is customer service the case ofiicer thinks that a service station do nit require a customer service can we reapply for the visa again under different job role such as store manager?? pls suggest
    • acevisas says:
      first of all, you must check detailed descriptions and requirements of the positions. it is not that if you can call this position a manager you can nominate a person for that manager postion. there are other issues to consider too, experience, qualification, scale of the business, tasks, etc… Are you managing the whole store? do your responsibilities match with the occupation’s description?
  107. Sam Xavier says:
    Hi, is it true that for applying an offshore subclass 119 (RSMS) the nominating employer do not have to advertise the Job vacancy..???? Please advise.
    • acevisas says:
      no! not really… well i mean no employer has to advertise as the Labour Market Testing requirment is already removed! no difference between on or offshore…
  108. Sam Xavier says:
    Continuation to the previous question… Do we still have to get the qualification assessment from the specific assessing bodies like VETASSES, AIM or ACS..??
  109. Sabby says:
    Hi, i have completed my masters in IT and computer networking. I have an employer in regional QLD who is ready to sponsor me. But i am not sure about the lowest position in his hotel where he could appoint me. I am a fresher with not much of IT experience. If i get appointed as a System Administrator in his hotel, would this position help me in getting RSMS? Also if u could send me the link or the list of all the professions i could fit in, in his hotel. Thanks a ton in advance.
  110. ross says:
    hi, I am thinking to lodge my Rsms visa at this stage i found a sponser and he is ready to sponser me, can i lodged my application at this stage or not(RCB). thanks for ur reply
  111. Ranjit says:
    Hi there, my employer is ready to sponsor me with RSMS 119, with the annual salary of 37059.12 ($18.06/hr), which is the minimum salary for tradesperson cook. And it’s a dine in and takeaway pizza shop but they do more takeaways. So does it matter if it comes under fast food restaurant ? And the other thing is that he’s offering me one month annual leave, plus 6 sick days leaves per year. But the fair trading website says that we have to have all the leaves in our agreement like parent leave, compassionate leave, long service leave? So what’s the story with leaves? Looking forward for your answer. :)
    • acevisas says:
      Really depends on how they word it in the contract. Fire Work Act 2009 should be mentioned to cover all. What is your source of the minimum salary for cooks? You will need to provide evidence and it should be market salary in your region. Sorry for the late reply.. :) ping
  112. Ranjit says:
    And I have done certificate 4 in commercial cookery, so can I get sponsored in the position of ‘cook’ because I have a friend who’s RCB has been refused by immigration stating ‘certificate 3 is required for the position of cook, not cert. 4’. So do we need a position of chef if we have a cert. 4 in commercial cookery?
  113. sulman says:
    hi ping … I did my cert 3 in commercial cookery and cert 4 in business does it work for RSMS or i have to do cert 4 in hospitality ….thanx
  114. Laura says:
    Hi, my migration agent has just lodged for rcb in perth, i am gettin spo sored on 119 ofshore going to kaaratha as a childcare group leader.. have you heard of this.. how long does a decision ready application take to get through?
  115. A Good agent will help a lot says:
    RCB submitted on 8th April, approved on 13th April, Medical inspections on 13th April, received the medical results on 18th April. Get every doucments ready for Agent’s Decision Ready and lodge the application and company’s nomination on 20th April 2012, Visa granted on 28th April 2012 (Case with age exemption); A good agent will work out everything for you. it seems the government is accelerating 857 visa process.
    • acevisas says:
      Congratulations thomas! That is very quick and smooth process! I think your agent has done an excellent job and also you have a very good profile including you and your employer of course… Ping
      • A Good agent will help a lot says:
        When talking to the agent assigned by company, I printed out this Page from ACE and told the agent that ACE can get RCB approved with 24 hours, how about you? Agent Decision Ready Check list is really good. it can help CO to procress quickly since well-trained agent know how to prepare your documents/forms 80 and 47es. once submitting your application, you need prey to the Lord for quick process. “I can do everything through him who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13, NIV)
        • acevisas says:
          Congratulations thomas! That is very quick and smooth process! I think your agent has done an excellent job and also you have a very good profile including you and your employer of course… Ping
        • acevisas says:
          We also got some RSMS decision ready applications approved within just a few weeks recently. The immigration department is really onto it! If the case is decision ready, they really process fast! Ping
  116. zam says:
    Hi, My wife completed her Diploma in beauty therapy and studying Advance diploma in Cosmetic science which will finish in may.we already taking agent help to process our RSMS wife employer ready to provide her sponsorship for RSMS as beauty salon manager.i just want to ask few questions. 1. my wife need to provide IELTS?she studied Diploma in beauty therapy+Advance diploma in Cosmetic science in Australia. 2. she work for the same employer part time about one year.still she need to prove experience or not? 3. We are about to lodge RCB application through agent,what is the current RCB approval time? as changes will come from 1st july do u recommend lodging RCB+VISA APPLICATION SAME TIME?or we have enough time to wait for RCB approval? 4. Her course will finish in may and we are lodging RCB application in 2-3 days.course duration and RCB are linked?,will it cause any trouble with RCB approval? 5. my wife visa will expire in August and her course will finish in per law can she lodge RSMS visa application after her course finish and still on same student visa (572)? 6. The sponsor is not big salon and have only 3 part time employees(working hours divided between 3 employees) but have good turn over and u think it wil be ok with RCB? i will be grateful if you can clear my mind on above questions which i should have ask my agent.Thank you
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Zam, thanks for your post. It sounds like you have a lot of questions. 1) no Ielts is needed. 2) should still provide experence reference. 3) 3-5 weeks normally. No you can’t lodge RCB and visa simutaniasly. 5) yes. And she will be still on student visa till it expires. 6). Maybe. I don’t have you file really not in position to advise. -ping
      • zam says:
        Thanks a lot for your help,i just wanna ask about IELTS as i am secondary applicant of RSMS main applicant (MY WIFE),i have IELTS 6.5 (academic) do i need to obtain 4.5 in general or 6.5 (ACADEMIC) will do for RSMS visa?
        • acevisas says:
          • zam says:
            Thanks a lot for your help,GOT RCB approval,i have 2 more questions making me so upset,1. my wife is on student visa and doing adv diploma level course which will finish on 7th July,can we still load un-DR application? even she still has to go school upto ist week of july. 2. i am secondary application and not getting police clearance from one country because my employer listed me absconder so what should i do in that case? Still need to lodge nomination. Thanks again for helping every1.
          • acevisas says:
            I am not sure about your situation. .you questions are not clear… you may be able to lodge un-DR so long as you have RCB.
          • zam says:
            HI ping, Thanks for the reply,actually my question was about my police clearance certificate,i lived in 5 countries in past 10 years and got police clearance from 4 but fail to get from i was having debit to clear and they bank file a case against me so the CID-DUBAI told me that i cannot get police clearance,what should i do in that case , i am about to lodge 857 (secondary applicant).i never been convicted or never been in jail.please advise me its really making me and my family upset as we are almost on the door and not able to knock it. financial debt considered to be criminal act? Thanks a lot for your professional advice. Sorry i sent the same reply as new message as well.
  117. SC says:
    Hi Ping, Can a standard application be upgraded to decision ready by a RMA.
  118. Ranjit says:
    The contract doesn’t say anything special. It just says that the position is full time of cook for continuously two year with annual salary of 37059.12 plus suppernaution. And 20 annual leaves and 10 sick leaves. Did you mean that we have to attach a seperate photo copy of the minimum wages PDF from fair work website, plus have to attached the local area adds showing the annual salary offering for the same occupation. thanks ping. :)
  119. Ranjit says:
    My contract is not final yet, I’m still trying to find out what’s the minimum annual salary for qualified cook (cert. 3 in commercial cookery). Hospitality industry (general) award 2010 says, level 4 cook (tradesperson grade3) minimum wages are $637.60 per week, that’s $16.78 per hour. But fair act 2009 says it’s 18.40 per hour that means $699 per week. Could you please tell me what’s the minimum annual salary for qualified cook according to awards and acts. Any replies will be much appreciated. Thanks :)
  120. Rose says:
    Hi Ping I have a terrible doubt: if I have a certificate 3 in Commercial cookery can my employer sponsor me as a chef? He lodge the application to RCB (first step) nominating the chef position and offering me the related salary (more than for cook). I have already signed the contract! Is the difference between cook and chef, for this purpose (857 sponsorship), just a matter of salary (so he has to pay me more) or to be sponsored as a chef I need some other specific qualification? Thank you for replying.
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Rose. No you can’t be nominated as chef. the qualification requirements are diffenent. you must have a diploma for the chef position. not just salary levels. the whole job description and requirements are different. you really should ask a professional agent to deal with your case to ensure success! – Ping
      • Rose says:
        so even if he has already send all the documentation required for the first step I am still on time to renegotiate it all, maybe saying that was a mistake or something like that. Can you as a migration agent fix it?
        • acevisas says:
          Hi rose. Yes we can fix it for you. There is still just about enough time to lodge a new one Ping
  121. danny says:
    i applied rsms nomination early march 2012 with drc & after one week i lodged my visa application. 3 weeks before my lawyer submitted requested document from employ to co . my question is how long does it take to get through rsms nomination (drc)? because my one is more than 8 weeks. i am so worried & waiting is killing me.i am following this page around 2 month. every night before bed i been this thread. to be honest i got lot of information from this page. thank you once again for your co-operation.
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Danny, thank you! I am happy to hear that you have learned a lot here. That really means something to me. Regarding your questions, What did you mean drc? Did you mean dra – decision ready application? Did you put in an RCB before your nomination? A nomination may take 2-4 weeks if not decision ready. If decision ready shouldn’t be longer then 2 months, but it really still depends.., – Ping
      • danny says:
        thank you for ur response. yeah i did rcb & it was so quick. ( 6 days). my lawyer lodged decision ready nomination early march then after one week he lodged my visa application as well. is there any way to find out application is decision ready or not. according to my lawyer he has spoken with the case officer. & the case office told him he is working on that. if nomination take only 2-4 weeks why my one taking too long . 8 weeks still decision not yet. so worried. i do appreciate for your co- operation.
  122. SC says:
    Hi Ping, I am a little bit confused here. I applied for non-decision ready nomination and visa together on 3rd feb as i mentioned earlier and its been 3 months now I havnt heard anything about my application. How does one come to know that their nomination has been approved or not. I sent an email at wa.pse almost a month ago and they mentioned the same dates which they are mentioning now i.e 23 december for RSMS. Is the process really slow for RSMS.
  123. geetika says:
    hi ping ,i had done cert III commerical cookery and cert iv in buiness and dip in buiness its two year restudrent sponcer me as a manager .my RCB is already approved but now DIAC tell me At time this application was lodged, you held a s/c 572 visa which was granted on 28 July 2011. Under Regulation 857.212(6)(a) applicants must have completed at least a diploma award course relevant to their current student visa. This clause cannot be met on the basis of award courses that were completed when the applicant was the holder of previous student visas. As noted above, your current student visa was granted on 28 July 2011. She has not yet completed a diploma award course relevant to this student visa. The Diploma of Business certificate which she has submitted with her visa application was completed when she was the holder of a previous student visa. last year 28july i extend my student visa basis of cert iii of cookey and adv dip in buiness .i completed cert iii in cokery but adv dip is still runing what i will do now plz help me
  124. vee says:
    Hi Ping, My employer applied RCB application with designation as GRAPHIC & WEB ADMINISTRATOR (313113) on 4th April 2012. And 2nd May 2012 we have received RCB approval, but in the approval letter they gave RSMS Certification for the nominated position HARDWARE TECHNICIAN (313111) has been successful, so how we can solve the issue ? Can you please advice us Thank You
  125. vee says:
    Hi ping, It solved……. Thank you
  126. xyz says:
    Just got the first step approved at the RCB and have now lodged the application to the department for the position and visa application (47ES). Do I need to lodge Form 80 as well in relation to RSMS Visa 857?
  127. Laura says:
    If we lodge a nomination and application both DR in perth next week how long are we expecting these to take?
  128. vee says:
    Hi Ping, I have lodge my file with RCB approved letter in DIAC, so how much time it will take, can you please advice. Thank you.
  129. chiara says:
    Hi Ace. My agent is lodging my nomination and visa as decision ready. but they said there will be a security check since I come from India. Has that happened to any of your clients before. If it does what is the average wait time. and when should I expect my final visa. Help much appreciated.
  130. Ani says:
    Hi Ace , Hope you are doing well. I’m on 457 visa ,primary applicant , and it is about to cancel , once cancelled I can stay here lawfully for 28 days .However , My wife’s employer has agreed to sponsor RSMS visa. We are in the process of preparing documents for RCB. For my situation , Can we lodge RCB ,Nomination and Visa application together (is it possible ) or do we need to process 457 visa for my spouse prior to lodging RSMS visa application? Thanks
    • acevisas says:
      No, you won’t be able to lodge RCB and Nomi/Visa at the same time. Must get RCB approved first. May worth while lodging a 457 to keep you lawful. As your case is tricky, you should get an agent to manage the process for you to save unnecessary problems for your family for your visa – that is my advice. Good luck! – Ping, ACE Visas
  131. neeru says:
    Hi Ping, I have recieved my acknowledgement letter on 11april 2012 for my 119visa as a DRC. CO requested some company documents on 2may, still i am waiting on his decision. Can you please advice me how long it can take.Thanks a lot in advance
  132. Ani says:
    Thanks for your quick response Ping. ! If my RCB is approved prior to the approval of 457 visa , Can I straight away lodge RSMS visa or should I wait for 457 visa to be approved ?
  133. acevisas says:
    No print to wait in my opinion. – ping
  134. acevisas says:
    Could take 1-2 months depending on how well your documents are prepared. But I don’t think you will be waiting for very long now. They are really quick recently.
  135. chiara says:
    Hi Ping. My agent is lodging my nomination and visa as decision ready. but they said there will be a security check since I come from India. Has that happened to any of your clients before. If it does what is the average wait time. and when should I expect my final visa. Help much appreciated.
    • acevisas says:
      we haven’t got cases like this. but for different countries there may be security checks due to different risk levels. – ping
  136. Jigs says:
    Hi, Ii m jigs i apply for RSMS visa but i m wondring about one thing it is important to have emplyment contract in company’s laterpad. i got contract of employment without laterpad from my employer. can u help me to this problem? Thanks
    • Jigs says:
      Hi, there is any problem in processing RCB without companys laterpad contract. pleace can u replay as soon as possibal. Thanks
      • acevisas says:
        did you mean company letterhead? no it is not a problem. -Ping
        • Jigs says:
          yes i mean company letterhead because i got my contract in simple peaper there is no logo or simbol of company? thanks a lot for ur help. U giving good service for student especially free. its great. kep it up.
  137. GP says:
    Hi 857 applicants, Heard from my agent that I got the approval for the RSMS 857 this morning.Haven’t got the papers yet though. Hope everyone the best!
  138. GP says:
    Hi Ping, Submitted the RSMS 857 in last week of Jan since my last visa was running out of time while the old checklist was still in place .Soon after submitted 3months advertisement.The RCB took 1 day to give its approval in early March.Took lessthan a week to get a DIAC CO.Took a bit longer with DIAC, since CO wanted clarifications about the JD .Moreover I was adding my partner to my application but there was delay in his medicals (mixup in medibank) and with arranging the Proofs of our relationship etc.But this didn’t get through(they wanted IELTS, for which the papers would have taken longer ) while mine did. —GP
  139. raminder says:
    hi i already applied for rcb on 14 of april . i just want to know that new changes of rules will affect me because i havenot got the rcb approval yet .your reply will be appreciated
  140. Malhi says:
    Hi ping, question regarding rsms. If the business is less than a year old then do they have to show some specific amount of money in the trustee’s bank. If yes, then how much do they have to show to sponsor a qualified cook for RSMS. Cause I’m having an employer he’s ready to sponsor me but his business is in operation from oct 2011, not old enough. Thanks.
    • acevisas says:
      Startup businesses are fine. There are more documentation involved though. Should provide business plan, financial forecast etc. overall picture of the business will be assessed not exactly how much money in bank.
  141. Bhavesh says:
    Hi Good to here your great help to every one … In my case my employer ready to sponsor me as I m working with him as a motor mechanic since 7 months and I have done diploma in automotive. Still have i got enough time for RCB aproval n get the rsms application done before 1 July Thanks give reply
    • Bhavesh says:
      As my doing all application though his own lawyer as he has sponsored some guys before so would it be quick through lawyer.
    • acevisas says:
      Yes I think do. Very tight but achievable! Need to be super quick now though!
  142. dendy sherpa says:
    hi am a student but i got sponsored by my lawyer and is about to apply RCB by next tuesday ( m applying for 857 visa . the matter to woryy about is that will i fall under the new rules . explain me pls .
  143. Rex says:
    Hi Ping, i can see you helping a lot here, 1st thanks a lot for that and i need your advice as well if you can give please… My sponser file has lodge in RCB on 15th of may on 119 and i am sure my agent didnt put police clearance in it as i give them other police clearance which is not reqired by Immigration so is that going to effect on my file process ?? can i submit that latter on ?? – How long its take to approve RCB ?? – How long its take after get RCB and then put in Immigration to approve 119 ?? -In is compalsury that i have to work 2 years with that employer as i got 119?? – and last my currunt visa is going to expire on sep 2012 so are they going to grant bridging visa when i lodge my file to immigration ?? – if not then what should i do ?? thanks in advance. REX
    • acevisas says:
      Hi you only need police check when lodging visa not for RCB. RCB takes 3-5 weeks normally. You must work for two years for the employer otherwise your permanent visa may be cancelled. However if you have made genuine effort to continue the job and there is evidence you may still keep your pr even the contract ends before 2 years but normally at least more than 12 months and you have a good reason. You should not have to use a bridging visa as RSMS visa can be approved within 1-2 months if it is decision ready. Otherwise you may wait for 4-8 months and you will be granted a bridging visa as soon as you lodge the application and it will be activated when your current visa expires.
  144. Patel says:
    Hi it is good that you help people like this I hv done diploma in automotive n working as a motor mechanic since 7 months n I told to my employer to sponsor me on RSMS n he is agree now But the question is – have i left enough time for RCB Certificate n get all done before 1 st July and I m working in pilbara region n what first things to do for rcb application. N how long does it take in this region. Thanks in advance give me reply plz.
    • acevisas says:
      You will need to very quick. I think you have just got enough time to do this is know what to do and how to do it. Otherwise may need to get professional assistance. You need to do it properly, successful and once only!
  145. Jigs says:
    hi i already apply for RCB on 14 May. But i have one problem i applied for new passport for my Daughter and applied for renewal for my Husbands Passport. Its already 4 weeks n not arrived yet, also my husband has no Indian ploice clearence because of passport. Can i lodge file for visa application without PCC n Passports of my husband n daughter. i have Aus birth certificate of my Daughter. thank in advance. .
  146. Malhi says:
    Hi ping, my student visa is refused cause of some reasons and I’m on MRT now, can I apply for RSMS or ENS while I’m on MRT. And because of this I have to apply for Offshore visa, so will I grant bridging visa if needed? Thanks.
  147. sangha says:
    hi there my name is kulbir and i am from victoria living on student visa and as according to my automotive profession i do have a job in the same field and now my employer is willing to sponsor me on the basis of RSMS visa which is 119. I just want to enquire that do i have enough time to fall in the same old rules as the process is going to be happen in the next upcoming week. And what if in future i wish to lodge a file by yours organisation what would be yours required fee and its related information. Thank You Your’s Sincerely
    • acevisas says:
  148. Amir says:
    Hi ping, I have already apply for RCB, 4 weeks almost has gone, In this period my visa was also expired, but i applied for a student visa again, but i could not understand what should i do, i dont want to study again, my owner ready to sponser me, we running this business from last 5 month. I request to RCB department regarding it, But they not giving satisy answer. Please Help Me.
    • acevisas says:
      Sorry i don’t know how i can help…. is there any problem with the application? If not, it should be approved shortly….
  149. simu says:
    hi i have applied rcb on 21st may but i have heard that if my rcb would not approve before 30th june so i will not be able to apply my nomination/PR file under RSMS rules is it true and i m applying offshore visa is there any risks appling offshore it would be appreciated if u would tell me thank you
  150. Laura says:
    hi my agent is taking a wile preparing my dr application, is their much holld up in perth or is it running smoothly?hoping to lodge dr next week for rsms visa 119 offshore,
  151. Laura says:
    Okay sorry and how long do you think my application will take to come through – doyou think within 4 weeks?? sorry for all question just i have been working with my agent since february and itsgoing slowly. I know they are just trying to get evrything decision ready i guess.
  152. jig sing says:
    hi ping,i’m working as cook in a big resturant in perth ,my experience is almost two year with same company .my company want to sponsor me as cook but i dont have relevent qulification ?can i still be able to lodge 857 visa?thanks in advance
  153. Lakhwinder says:
    Hi there my agent will apply rcb next Tuesday so please could u tell me it’s enough time to prove rcb or we are late thaks
  154. R.D says:
    Hi Ping, It’s me again. I just wanted to thank you for all the help when I came and met you. I am sorry to tell you that I am leaving as I don’t have any option left. I just wanted to leave a great feedback for you as I understand and I really appreciate how you had taken my case so seriously and gave me all the info without any delay even when I had not signed up as your client. I cannot thank you enough. I wanted to also let you know the my previous agent who screwed up my complete case were EASYMIGRATE. I wanna let everyone else know as well on this blog that easymigrate messed up my case so badly that it’s reversible now and I have to leave Australia. More than that I have also come across a person where he had paid him all the money before leaving from here to lodge an offshore visa on his behalf, after 7 months he found out that there was no application lodged. It’s a very important phase of your lives, please do not go to dodgy agents just for the sake of saving a few dollars. I had to go through so much stress and lost all my money and finally have to leave. I wish that no one has to go through what i went through. Please be very careful of whom you trust and most IMP, always do your homework. Thank you Ping for giving me an opportunity to tell ppl my story, I really hope it benefits them. And you very very much for trying so hard. I do really appreciate it with all my heart. Good luck
    • acevisas says:
      Hi RD.. Thank you so much for your message here! i am so sorry to hear that you had to decide to leave… i have been thinking why you hadn’t contact me in the last few days but I have been so busy and really didn’t have any time to call you. we have all the RCBs to lodge by today…. Is there really no options for you now?
    • Sini Ganesha says:
      Hi RD I’m in the same shoes as you and EasyMigrate messed up with my case badly as well. I need your help to make sure that this company stop messing around with people lives. I have come through few facts and few more cases. Please reply to my message and get in touch with me as soon as you can
  155. sam says:
    hi ping its sam thanks for ur help i just wanna ask u that i am putting the 119 drc in queensland in automotive so have i got enough time to do this. and can i apply for rcb in 1st week of june. thanks
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Sam I am not familiary with RCBs in QLD. There are a quite a few as well there. You should contact the relevant RCB. Sorry can’t help.
  156. jk says:
    hi Ping If I apply/Post my RSMS 119 nomination+ visa application on 27 june 2012, then still it would be treated under current rules or new july rules?? still waiting for RCB approval..thanks
  157. Neeru says:
    Hi Ping, My nomination has approved on 3june for 119 visa so how long it will take for application to approve….thanks
    • Ateeq says:
      Hi neeru How long it had talke to approve ur nomination by immigration and when and where u had logde ur application and it’s a normal or decision ready application Thanks
      • acevisas says:
        We lodge at the department office in West Perth. We always put in Decistion Ready RSMS applications whenever possible. So far, our Decision Ready cases have only taken 2-3 weeks to be approved (both Nomination and Visa application are lodged together and approved together on the same day normally). We have put some non-decision ready applications due police clearance not avaialbe and applicant visa about to expire. – ACE Visas Ping
        • acevisas says:
          Today we jsut got another Decistion Ready RSMS (Offishore applicatoin Subclass 119) visa approved wthin just 20 days!
        • Jk says:
          Hi ping. Just one question. How applicants visa about to expire stop him to make DRC rsms application. Still he can do DRC Rsms 119 , right??? Plz make me clear..
        • jk says:
          Hi PIng.. Just one question.. how applicant visa about to expire stop him to apply DRC RSMS?? Still can apply DRC RSMS 119 right??? just confusion.. please clear this….thanks
          • Ping says:
            We could not lodge that case as decision ready because we didn’t get his police clearance in time and his visa expired on 3 June. So we had to lodge on 1 jun Friday so that he would not become unlawful after visa expired. He is now on bridging visa. If we lodged 119, he would not be able to stay in the country now on a bridging visa. That is why we had to lodge un-DRA. But yes you can lodge DRA offshore visa 119 but there is no bridging visa if your visa expires.
  158. Neeru says:
    Hi Ping, My nomination has approved on 3june for 119 offshore visa so how long it will take for visa application to approve….thanks
  159. jk says:
    Hi Ping applied RSMS 119 DRC nomination + Visa on 5 june 2012.. how long u recon takes to get visa approval?? please reply current timeline for drc..thanks
  160. jk says:
    Thanks Ping for information…
  161. Neeru says:
    Hi Ateeq my agent said he has lodged it as a decision ready in perth on 29march both nomination and application together but i dnt think so that he has lodged it as a DRC. Otherwise i should have got my visa by now.
    • acevisas says:
      You can put in a DR application but the immigration will firstly assess if it is DR. If not, the applications will be put in normal application cue for processing.
  162. acevisas says:
    Should be around 3-4 weeks usually.
  163. jk says:
    Hi Ping.. Just a general question.. what is the sucess rate of RSMS visa?? means,, based on your years of professional practice, what do you think about RSMS refusal and most common reason for that??? Please answer this.. thank you..
    • acevisas says:
      I have no idea about the overall success rate in WA or Australia! We have heard about refused cases but not a lot. Occupation, skills, qualifications are the major reasons of refusal…
  164. jaswinder kaur says:
    hi dear i would like to ask u abt 119 visa i got my acknowledgement on 23 may 2012 all the documents are done but my daughter is not here so do we need to wait for any letter from immigration for daughter’s medical we cannot lodge our file as decision ready without my daughter’s medical she is just 4 year old pls help me and if we can not lodge our file as a decision ready so how long visa grant will take a time with normal process pls tell me thanks
  165. Neeru says:
    Hi Ping, My visa has been approved 119 offshore.Thanks a lot for your help
  166. Twinkle says:
    The current processing time on the website it shows 24 working days. As of now they have processed application received on or before 13th May. I am just wondering if they were over loaded then why they had to extend the RCB deadline to 8th June. I applied for my RCB on 22nd May..Still Waiting for the reply.
  167. acevisas says:
    yes, we have some RCBs lodged on 15 , 16 May still waiting too. but should be ready soon..
  168. Neeru says:
    Thanks………….My agent said it was DRC but it took very long. applied RCB on 9feb approved on 25march applied nomination and application on 29march approved on 7june.
  169. zam says:
    HI ping, Thanks for the reply,actually my question was about my police clearance certificate,i lived in 5 countries in past 10 years and got police clearance from 4 but fail to get from i was having debit to clear and they bank file a case against me so the CID-DUBAI told me that i cannot get police clearance,what should i do in that case , i am about to lodge 857 (secondary applicant).i never been convicted or never been in jail.please advise me its really making me and my family upset as we are almost on the door and not able to knock it. financial debt considered to be criminal act? Thanks a lot for your professional advice.
  170. Twinkle says:
    Thanks Ping. Keep updating us with your other rcb lodgement.
  171. Twinkle says:
    Hi Ping Thanks for the response. Do you reckon RCB would be able to respond to all the applied certification until 8th june on time?
  172. Twinkle says:
    Ping Can you please advice once you have received certification for the ones you applied on 15th and 16th
  173. Nimm says:
    Hi ping, im lodging the visa RSMS onshore. My migration agent says that there’s a risk of refusing the visa if we lodge the ‘decision ready’ application. They say in that case, case officer either grant the visa or refuse it but they don’t contact back for any additional information if they required so. Is that true? Do decision ready applications have more risk of refusal than normal Application ? Thanks.
  174. acevisas says:
    yes. we just received today approval of RCB for the ones lodged on 15th May.
  175. jaswinder kaur says:
    hi dear i would like to ask u abt 119 visa i got my acknowledgement on 23 may 2012 all the documents are done but my daughter is not here so do we need to wait for any letter from immigration for daughter’s medical we cannot lodge our file as decision ready without my daughter’s medical she is just 4 year old pls help me and if we can not lodge our file as a decision ready so how long visa grant will take a time with normal process pls tell me thanks
    • acevisas says:
      You could have lodged the applicaiton as decistion ready when the applicant is overseas and medical only needs to be done after being lodged. you need to wait for a number from immigration.
  176. sanjna says:
    i am from Brisbane, if i lodge file day before 1st july for RSMS 119/857 VISA . which rule implemented on me new or old? plz answer me as soon as possible..
  177. acevisas says:
  178. Twinkle says:
    Ping: Did you get RCB for your 16th may lodgement?
  179. Nimm says:
    I know that’s not true. But that’s what my lawyer says and they have posted my visa application 2 days ago, not ‘decision ready’ . And once we posted the visa application we can’t change it to decision ready, can we? And though it’s not decision ready but I have all the documents included with my application what immigration requires for decision ready. Does it make my file application processor any quicker?
  180. jk says:
    Hi Nimm have u submitted medical and police check with your application????
    • acevisas says:
      No. once lodged you can’t change it to decisition ready. if the documents are done well and complete it is of course helpful to be processed faster but not like decistion ready that kind of fast…. it will sit in the normal queue
  181. acevisas says:
    not yet as of today.
  182. Laura says:
    Hello, my agent lodged my nomination on 3rd may and my application on 28th may, she has nt reieved any acknowledgment letter etc… It is all decision ready. I then recieved a email off her saying the perth office is slow and may take longer than expected due to influx of applications beause of the 1stjuly closing date.. Is this true as looking at your applications you have quick decisions. Im starting to nt trust my agents. Also they lodged paper and said i do not have any reference numbewr ye etc
  183. Nimm says:
    Yeh I have submitted by medical, Australian police clearance, over seas police clearance, ielts certificate 6 each (but ielts cert. Is more than a year old ,less than 2 year) . And if anyone knows once we post the application how long it takes to reach the Sydney office and get the acknowledge letter. I have a doubt that we are only two employees at my workplace. I and my employer. Could that be a problem not having enough staff. It’s a pizza and pasta dime in or takeaway shop.
  184. Twinkle says:
    RCB date of application 22nd May…. Still waiting Any updates by someone?
  185. jk says:
    hi Ping..Does it makes any diffrence when applying offshore 119 while someone in Australia phisically?? means compare to onshore 857 ..processing time..CO allocation….and also please suggest current DIAC timeline for RSMS visa as per your clients visa approval…thanks..
  186. Shefali says:
    Hi , I applied for my RCB on 29th May.What are the chances for that.The current processing time on website says 24 day ? Can anyone guide. Regards,
  187. Twinkle says:
    Any updates for rcb guys?
  188. Patel says:
    Hi my employer applied for RCB on 25th may n still I hvnt got any reply frm rcb ,so can i apply my application before I apply for nomination? Plz give me reply ASAP And will I get rcb before 29 th June Thanks
    • Panny says:
      hi have got your RCB or not i have also applied on 25th may
      • acevisas says:
        We have not heard anything from RCB either for applications lodged after 24 may. Have you lodged your visa applications? Did you receive an email from RCB requesting to confirm that you had lodged the RSMS visa applications before end of June?
  189. jk says:
    Don’t apply without rcb certified.. it is very risky to do that.. wait for rcb,,it should be come before 29 june……
  190. Twinkle says:
    I applied rcb on 22nd May..i am still waiting for it. If it needs to come it should come atleast couple of days before 29th june as you would want to give atleast a day in between to agent to review your application and then 1 – 2 says for the postal.
  191. Twinkle says:
    Ping: Did you receive the rcb for the one you had applied on 16th May? Just want to see how far SMWA have reached. I am just thinking what would happen if the rcb does not come through before 29th june and it comes after it. Will be there any kind of leverage given to those applicants to apply for RSMS visa on old rcb certification like SMWA has already announced a transitional period for rcb applied after 8th june. Very grey area at the moment.!!!
  192. Twinkle says:
    22nd June passed still no response for RCB..Such a frustrating moment!!!
  193. jk says:
    ask your migration agent to call SMWA and check it out….
  194. ping says:
    we received RCB from 16th May, but still waiting for results of RCBs lodged after this….
  195. Twinkle says:
    Ping: What are the dates of your other RCBs?
  196. Twinkle says:
    Any updates guys?
  197. Twinkle says:
    Jk: No ..still waiting for it. Very frustrating though..Thanks
  198. jk says:
    hi twinkle…..But why dont u apply for nomination, as they will accept if u provide receipt for your rcb application…. just discuss with yourt agent.. if u apply now still u will be fall into current criteria….hope this help…
  199. Twinkle says:
    Yea i had a discussion with the agent about applying for nomination but she said by doing that we would also carry the risk of getting nomination invalid if rcb does not get approved. As i do qualify with the new rules as well. She gave my HR dept two options either to apply the nomination and visa together without rcb or reapply with new legislation.
  200. jk says:
    but under new legislation, i think they will not accept form 1054 (i m not sure)….then u need to follow new rcb criteria…….they promised that they will process application upto 8 june… then why they not????
  201. Twinkle says:
    I think me and my employer has to take decision of either apply with or without RCB. On the SMWA website timeline is 26 working days. If i count my days then 26 days will complete tomorrow so i am keeping my fingers crossed about getting the rcb later today or tomorrow anyhow. I am just wonder if anyone has tried calling SMWA for the progress of their they entertain it?
  202. jk says:
    best luck with that… u r right.. wait till tomorrow,, if u get it.. still u can send ur application before deadline……hope everything will be ok.. r u indian (Gujarati)….
  203. Twinkle says:
    Thanks. I am hoping the same. No i am from Pakistan
  204. Twinkle says:
    Hi Ping: I have been told by my MA that they are planning to apply for RSMS with the receipt of RCB as advised by DIAC. I am just wondering if there is any risk ?
  205. Twinkle says:
    Thanks for the update.
  206. Laura says:
    HI Ping, can you help me. I have got rcb approval, we my MA applied for nomination on 3rd may and application on 28th may both decision ready but we have no acknowledgement.. my MA says they have so many due to the 1st JUly cut off date that the processing is going to be very slow? is this true?
  207. Patel says:
    Hi ping! My employer applied for rcb on 29th may n still I hvn’t got any reply From the dept. so today my manager fax all my docs include (form 1054,letter of appointment and receipt of smwa for rcb ) to the perth ,center of excellence For the nomination but the question is how would I get the confirmation for nomination from the immi dept. As we r located in pilbara region. Plz reply ASAP thanks.
  208. jk says:
    hi Ping.. just got my RSMS 119 Pre-Grant letter.. it just took 20 days.. so happy now…. thanks for all your support..
  209. Laura says:
    Jk r u offshore or in oz.. Congrats very quik
  210. jk says:
    Thanks laura …I am in Australia right now.. now going offshore for visa grant and visa label…..
  211. Laura says:
    Well enjoy ur new life… Im stil waiting not heard anything bk nomination dr 3rd may my application dr 28th may all done by agent.
  212. Patel says:
    Hi ping! My employer applied for rcb on 29th may n still I hvn’t got any reply From the dept. so today my manager fax all my docs include (form 1054,letter of appointment and receipt of smwa for rcb ) to the perth ,center of excellence For the nomination but the question is how would I get the confirmation for nomination from the immi dept. As we r located in pilbara region. Plz reply ASAP thanks..
  213. Patel says:
    So without get any confirmation from Diac for nomination , can apply my application? Plz reply Thanks.
  214. Twinkle says:
    Patel: You can apply your application before today with the receipt of RCB lodgement.
  215. jk says:
    hi twinkle did you got your rcb ?? or did u applied for nomination/visa..?? I got mine in 20 days…. just yesterday I have received my Pre- Grant letter.. best luck..
  216. Twinkle says:
    JK: My MA lodged the application with the receipt of the rcb yesterday. Hopefully RCB would come through next week as on the website it says they have finished 17th May. Which occupation do you belong to? How much is the chance of turning down the rcb certification?
  217. jk says:
    hi twinkle…mine was welfare officer….
  218. Twinkle says:
    Mine is Network Engineer. How much is the chance of RCB being refused?
  219. jk says:
    hi twinkle.. its depend on how well all required documents presented?? means.. company structure.. and accountant declaration and should be clearly demonstrate the genuine need of full time employee..
  220. nimm says:
    What’s up people,, I have a question and know nobody has a proper answer for this. I have lodged the rsms onshore visa for the position of cook from a pizza and pasta shop. When we say pizza shop it sounds like small takeaway shop but it’s actually like a kind of restaurant with 25-30 dining in seating. I would like to know about that how important is the structure chart for this whole processor. The only thing I’m worried about is that we are like 4 staff members and all of them are on cash in paid, it’s just me on the books, and I don’t know what structure chart did my agent make for my application. I didn’t ask my agent about that. Does immigration or case officer ask for the other staff members payslips or what? Thanks.
    • jk says:
      may be…….immigration ask some more information about shop structure and people.. one of my friend had applied for cook and immigration rang employer that they are visitng place to see applicant working there.. they visited and ask some questionss to applicant and employer.. but finally they were happy with all. He got his visa., but the was so stressful for him…ask your agent about exactly what he has declared about company structure in your application??
      • Rania says:
        Mine also more complicated. Even I have been sponsored by NT Gov Agency with more than 350 employee, The DIAC ask my employer to provide Organisation Structure, total salary has been paid for a month, how much has been spent for employee training and we must provide it as DIAC required
  221. Twinkle says:
    JK: Mine is big company with 112 employees and definitely there is a need as i am already working for the same employer from last one year on 457…Does being on 457 with the same employer makes your case more stronger?
  222. nimm says:
    Yeah I will have a talk with my agent. And my application is not decision ready,, I gotta wait like another 6 months or so,, DIAC currently processing the applications they received on 15 dec 2011.
  223. nimm says:
    Twinkle,, if your applying for rsms without agent decision ready application then it’s gonna sit in a pipeline along with all other applications,,then all you can do is wait but you will get your visa don’t worry,, immigration is happy by granting visa rather tan refusing,,
  224. jk says:
    hi Nimm.. thats not true….that immigration is happy by granting visa rather than refusing…. I hope you will surely get you visa.. but I have seen many other whose second stage (nomination approved stage) is refused…RCB certification has nothing to do with DIMIA visa processing…..BUt, considering making Perth as regional for RSMS scheme, make it more advantage for many employer….and thats why I think there may be more RSMS visa will be granted….But I mean to say that is not application should have all required documents and information to satisfy all regulation of RSMS scheme….best luck..
  225. jk says:
    Hi Twinkle.. as you are on 457 visa.. I believe there should be no any problem with your application.. but if you did non-DRC application, then I think you have to wait little longer….but you will get your visa……Mine was DRC checklist by my MA and it took just 20 days to be granted..we are (me and my wife) going to offshore next week (we feel like a opportunity for holidays) and will be back in August as a permanent resident….dont worry..My company also has about 140 people working and I am the first one who sponsored by them…every case is unique.. and case officer will consider all aspects of your application and let you know if any information/documents need….finger crossed for you..My personal advice is that do not panic yourself.. just wait now…NO news is a GOOD news…best luck..
  226. Twinkle says:
    Thanks JK and Nimm…I think mine is non DRC even though i went through the MA. It had to be non DRC as my wife can not take the medical exam as she is currently pregnant. I have been advised to get the medicals done for both of us once she has given birth to the child. I am not really worried about it…the only think which puts me in a worry is applying application without rcb and now everything depend on the result of the rcb. I was just wondering does RCB consider nominee’s other aspects such as being on 457, having positive skills assessment, Education from Australia while making a decision for it.
    • acevisas says:
      Hi guys! so sorry what I have been out of touch for a few days… We have just had the busiest few weeks in the year! We had to send 3 people to drop all the RSMS applications on Friday! No, actually 2 was enough to carry the files, but we all wanted to go and hand them in personally.. There was a lot of efforts, a lot of late nights and a lot love in those files… We did our best and now we will pray for the best for all these applications!!
  227. nimm says:
    Well yeh that’s true that immigration doesn’t mind refusing the applications either. Every case is a different case. And I’m Queensland by the way. Good luck to all the applicants including me. Just finished work And now getting late for club entry good night guys,, have a happie dappie relaxed weekend xx
  228. Twinkle says:
    Hi Ping: Have you received any RCB recently? Just wondering how far SMWA has reached.
  229. Twinkle says:
    How long does it take to receive the ack letter?
  230. Twinkle says:
    OK guys i have received RCB day before yesterday. My MA advised that it will wait until DIAC has sent an acknowledgement letter
  231. ROR says:
    hi sir ,i just want to know that i applied my rcb on 29 th of may and i also lodge my 857 file as well on 26th of june and i have not got my rcb .so i am scared that if my application get allocated for processing so what will be mine desicion .and is it gona affect my 457 or that should be alright and what is the current processing time for rcb.thanks
  232. Laura says:
    hello, i still havent heard a thing back and my MA keeps telling me to be patient. We lodged dr nomination on 3rd may and my application dr 28th may still heard nothing at all back not even acknowledgement the agent says. Is this normal. MY agent says they are inundated with applications due to the july 1st new regulations is this true? Please help
  233. Ping says:
    That is a bit odd… But the immigration departments is much slower recently due to excessive applications lodged in June and especially last week of June.
  234. Twinkle says:
    Laura: Did you lodge your application on 28th MAY or JUNE?
  235. Laura says:
    28th may dr 119 off shore.
  236. Twinkle says:
    very strange that you have not received the ACK yet..very strange
  237. YY says:
    I heard some people didn’t get any ACK letter at all….
  238. Panny says:
    I have applied for RCB on 25th may at perth office but still not heard anything anyone can suggest me processing time
  239. nimm says:
    Hi ping. I’m asking a question on my brother’s behalf. He’s on MRT visa and he’s going to apply for RSMS visa. We talked to like 4-5 different migration agents, some of them are saying that the one has to leave Australia at the time of the logdememt, some agents say that we have to leave Australia before logdging the application and gotta wait until we get the visa approval, and some of them says that we only have to leave Australia when we get pre-grant approval letter. Do you know the story behind that. People who are on MRT, can they apply for RSMS visa while in Australia or not? Looking forward for your reply. Thanks.
    • acevisas says:
      What bridging visa is he on at the moment? He had a visa application refused before right? He should be migration act section 48 barred and therefore he can’t apply for most substantive visas while he is in Australia except very limited visas such as partner visas, protection visas etc. in order to lodge a valid application he must go offshore and then lodge the RSMS visa application while he is away. Since he may have a bve he will not be able to come back either until his RSMS visa is granted.
  240. Gelmu says:
    Hi Ping, I have a question for you hope you will help me. We had lodge our RCB on 25 of may and still haven’t received any response. It’s been almost 7 weeks and now we are loosing our patience. We lodge our application with RCB receipt on 26 th June. Our MA send us the receipt of the Application but didn’t actually send us the DIAC receipt. We are wondering why our RCB is taking so long time? Our MA is so rude and do not Evan talk properly. We feel really hesitate to ask her question because of this. Another employee form the same cafe got his RCB approved. We are really so stressed at the moment. Pls help
  241. acevisas says:
    We got information from the immigration that they received excessive amount of RSMS applications before end of June – only in the last week of June they received the same number of applications they normally receive for four months! So you can imagine how flat out they are right now and have been. So they are not assessing any more RSMS applications at the moment but just focusing on commencing the new applications, sorting them out and issuing acknowledgement letters and bridging visas at least till sometime August.
  242. Laura says:
    Hi ping, My agent lodged nomination decision ready 3rd may and my application 28th may decision ready. The nomination has been looked at as they have been askd for more information which my agent cannot discuss. My one question i worry about it… as the nomination has not been granted/approved how could my agent of lodged my application decision ready like they said they have?are the able to do this?? really confused. ow long are we looking at at the perth office to get rsms visa approved. Im sick of waiting now. Thanks
  243. Laura says:
    Hi ping, My agent lodged nomination decision ready 3rd may and my application 28th may decision ready. The nomination has been looked at as they have been askd for more information which my agent cannot discuss. My one question i worry about it… as the nomination has not been granted/approved how could my agent of lodged my application decision ready like they said they have?are the able to do this?? really confused. ow long are we looking at at the perth office to get rsms visa approved. Im sick of waiting now.
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Laura, you don’t have to have your nomiation approved before you can lodge a decision ready visa application. So nothing to worry about. Be patient! Because there are so many applications, it is going to be pretty slow for little while. Normally the RSMS team at DIAC is really good. A decision ready application shouldn’t take more than 3 or 4 weeks. However, you can lodge a decision ready application, but it may not be assessed as decision ready. so if that is the case, it will take much longer. Be patient and good luck!
  244. nimm says:
    He’s on bridging visa A at the moment. And I called immigration telephone number and they said that he has to go out of Australia to apply for the RSMS visa but he can go and come back. He doesn’t have to wait For the visa approval. They said in such cases they give bridging B visa so that the applicant will be able to return back to Australia. I know even the immigration call centre people are not 100% right all the time.
    • acevisas says:
      You are right – the immigration department sometimes can give the wrong information. But this time they are right. If your brother is still on bva, he just need to apply for a bvb before leaving. Once the visa is lodged he can come back with the bvb and wait for the visa to be granted in Australia
  245. Admin says:
    Hello everyone For some reason we have had a technical issue which has now been resolved. Please feel free to continue using this blog. Admin
  246. nimm says:
    Thanks for your time ping. Appreciate. And yeh the student visa was refused, not cancelled. Thanks.
  247. SC says:
    Hi Ping, I don’t know if anyone has any idea whats going on with RSMS applications. I applied Non decision ready application on 3rd feb at perth office and still there is no response. I am wondering how things are going to go forward and how much time are they going to take as it is almost going to be 6 months since I have applied my application. And perth office is still at 4th January from the last 3 months. Need your advice.
    • acevisas says:
      See information below regarding non-decision ready applications: The ENS and RSMS processing network is currently allocating applications to case officers for assessment as per the following table: Parramatta Processing Centre – ENS cases which were received on 14 December 2011 Parramatta Processing Centre – RSMS cases which were received on 15 December 2011 Melbourne Processing Centre – ENS cases which were received on 2 December 2011. Melbourne Processing Centre – RSMS cases which were received on 16 December 2011. The Perth Processing Centre – ENS cases which were received on 21 May 2012. The Perth Processing Centre RSMS cases which were received on 4 January 2012.
      • acevisas says:
        We have received a few of our RSMS applications’ acknowledgement letters today. Most of these are decision ready applications.
  248. SC says:
    Hi Ping, This information has been the same for almost 3 months now for RSMS Perth. Is the current situation going to effect non decision ready applications or are they still going to prefer decision ready applications over non decision ready applications.
  249. wene says:
    Sorry to bother you again Ping, How many days or weeks to have a case officer after receiving an acknowledgement letter for Decision Ready application.Thanks in advance for the reply. Wish all the best in you.
  250. SC says:
    Hi Ping, Can u please explain about the 16000 people needed for rsms as how immigration is going to cater to that. And what are the prospects for non decision ready applicants who have applied for rsms in perth in January and Febuary 2012.
    • acevisas says:
      I think they are doing well.. 16000 for last financial year and same for this new one. there is a big demand! in the last week of June they received 4 months of RSMS applications which is something like 3000 applications in the one week! NDR – be prepared to wait for at least 8 months…
  251. Laura says:
    Got more info asked for noomination this all got sent back in last week, after this gets granted because we lodged my visa application DR after the nomination does this mean may take a while for another case officer to pick it up? or do you think they will look straight away once nomination granted.? Thanks for all your help. x
  252. Twinkle says:
    Got my Acknowledgement letter last week on 19th july. RCB received on 3rd July which was also sent to DIAC last week. Wait time begins now. Thanks PING for all the confused queries you had to go through
  253. D.V says:
    Hello, As per my earlier threat I told you that my Husband’s nomination was refused by DIAC on 29th March, 2012. And than we Again apply with DIAC with new application through our MARA agent. and got acknowledge letter on 18th April,2012. there were no contacts from them till 22May,2012. and then from Sponser Monitoring Department called my husband’s employer for meeting at his restuarant. they met on 26th May,2012 and took two saperate interview of my Husband and his employer. and then they told that they will send the report directly to the case officer. And till date there is no update from any of them.. Now my question is ,,, Is it happen to RSMS applicant and that sponser monitoring department’s assessment is needed??? please update me.. as my intention to write you about all this is only to update about this to all other applicant through this threat. please reply //… thanks for you time…
  254. Laura says:
    WE got asked more information about our nomination to provide to the case officer so this was all sent back on friday. It has not been approved yet. When the nomination gets approved how long till they look at my application do you think? we lodged dra on 28th may 2012. The nomination was lodged 3rd may 2012. Once the nomination gets approved do you think they will look at application straight away?
    • acevisas says:
      Yes they often look at visa application as soon as completing nomination. We normally get nomination and visa application approved on the same day.
  255. Manny says:
    Hi Ping Just want to know I got my 857 approved on 15th March 2012 and now I am not happy where I am staying. I am working as an Accountant. Company is going through lot of restructuring and they also asked me that they want me to work as Procurement manager not Accountant. If I leave the company and get another job as an Accountant in regional area(Fremantle) and I may also get letter from Company Accountant that due to restructuring they offered me Procurement Manager position instead of Accountant and I denied. Can DIAC cancel my visa?? I am not happy at all where I am working at the moment and DIAC should also give some power to employee not ONLY employers?? Please guide me in this case, your help will be greatly appreicated. Thank you
  256. channy says:
    hi ping i am just wondering about is we can still apply rsms on as a occupation cook is it possible at this time because my employer is happy to sponsor me in perth as a cook and whats the new requirements for rcb accesed because its a new business thnkx plz reply
    • acevisas says:
      Hi channy, the new business must have operated for more than 6 months is the minimum requirement. Also they can’t sponsor you if it is a fast food cook position.
  257. Laura says:
    Thanks so much ping all your words of advice of usefull. Much appreciated.
  258. Patel says:
    Hi ping! I have applied for rcb on 29th may in Perth office, then on 28th june lodge the application to Diac along with rcb receipt ,But still ,we hven’t anything heard from rcb dept and also haven’t got any acknolodgement letter. It is very frustrating situation. What u think? Is it normal? Or they r very busy? Plz rely thanks.
    • Ping says:
      All our may RCBs have been approved. You should have received a letter from RCB to confirm if you had lodged your RSMS visa application. If not they wont process with pre-July policies.
  259. channy says:
    hi ping so whats the position will be if its not a fast food cook is the restaurant manager will work or what u think is the best thankx plz reply
  260. Roop says:
    Hi ping What are the main reason for the refusal of rsms nomination if its already approved by rcb
    • acevisas says:
      Well RCB approval really doesn’t mean nomination should be approved. During the nomination stage, the company’s profile will be assessed in detail, such as actively and legally operating in a regional area, compliance with migration law and sponsorship obligations etc. Another important issue is the genuine need of the nominated position and a good match of the actual position and the nominated occupation.
  261. Lee says:
    Hi Ping, i have applied RCB at Perth on May 19 and lodge my application to DIAC on 28 june, i have already recieved the ACK letter on 20 july from DIAC. However, i have not heard anything from my application at RCb, i used MA to complete all documents and lodgements for me, and he said keep waiting for my RCB to be approval. But its been like 3 months now and i lost my patient is this any problem with my application at RCB, thanks for your advice
    • acevisas says:
      That does sound strange. You should ask your agent if they have confirmed with RCB that your nomination and visa application was lodged before end of June. RCB sent out letters for confirmation earlier in July.
  262. jk says:
    hi Ping.. just got my RSMS 119 Pre-Grant letter.. it just took 20 days.. so happy now…. thanks for all your support..
  263. Christoff says:
    Hi Ping, My MA lodged my DRC RSMS 119 on the 25th June in Perth Centre of excellence.will my MA be notified by immigration if my application is not considered DRC as he lodged the application without my medical been finalised as it was reffered to the MOC in sydney.i now understand that it has been finalised yesterday.Do you think that it would still be classified as DRC? thanks for your help
  264. Christoff says:
    HI Ping, forgot to say that my MA gave a reference number in place of the medical report so that the case officer could check on it progresses
  265. Coolsurdian1 says:
    Hi Ping, i applied for DRC 119 on 28th June with the RCB reciept, i recieved my RCB last week but havent had the ack letter from DAIC. I did call them and they confirmed that they recieved my application on 28th June. Is it normal ??
  266. Bao Luo says:
    Hi Ping I see you have renamed this blog to RSMS / RCB blog Great idea to have all the RSMS and RCB news in one place.
  267. Bao Luo says:
    Ping it is all to confusing all these changes and i find the more people i speak to I just get more confused. After reading your RSMS blog and all the information that is here I have decided that it is time to seek a qualified migration agent. Are you free to see me and when is preferable?
  268. beenandgone says:
    Hi Ping Thank you receiving my call today and fitting me in for the consultation this afternoon. You have given me a lot to think about, it was definitely worth the trip into Victoria Park from Joondalup and a real pleasure meeting you. I will be in touch once I have spoken to my employer Cheers
    • acevisas says:
      You are very welcome! I hope all goes well with your employer and we will be able to get the process started for you as soon as possible. :)
  269. channy says:
    hi ping my employer wants me to sponsor as cook nd its a restaurant nd the business has not older than six months so should he need to give advertisement in the newspaper or something nd m working with him nearly about 1 month plzzzzz reply
    • acevisas says:
      must wait till it has operated for more than 6 months. yes must advertise as well either online or newspaper. good luck
      • channy says:
        hi ping so is it fine to give advertisement after 2 more months bcoz m currently working with him nearly a month nd the the business is 1 month old thankx
  270. Twinkle says:
    Hi Ping I am on 457 visa, applied for my 857 Back in june for which i received the ACK letter and got the Medicare card. My question is since i have got a Medicare card i am eligible for medical cover provided by Medicare. Do i still have to keep my Private Health Insurance Cover to comply 8501 condition on my Subclass 457. During last few days i have been trying to find it out by calling DIAC and email e457 Administration and Private health insurer but unfortunately none of them have been able to provide me correct and significant information. Just wondering someone else is/was in the same condition.
  271. yy says:
    Hi Ping, do you have any info on the progress of the Perth center? I wonder whether they started working on applications submitted after July 1….cheers.
    • acevisas says:
      No we don’t have information on that… Anyone lodged application after 1 July? I believe they would have started processing new applications lodged after 1st July if they are decision ready. but correct me if I am wrong!
  272. D.V says:
    Hello, As per my earlier threat I told you that my Husband’s nomination was refused by DIAC on 29th March, 2012. And than we Again apply with DIAC with new application through our MARA agent. and got acknowledge letter on 18th April,2012. there were no contacts from them till 22May,2012. and then from Sponser Monitoring Department called my husband’s employer for meeting at his restuarant. they met on 26th May,2012 and took two saperate interview of my Husband and his employer. and then they told that they will send the report directly to the case officer. And till date there is no update from any of them.. Now my question is ,,, Is it happen to RSMS applicant and that sponser monitoring department’s assessment is needed??? please update me.. as my intention to write you about all this is only to update about this to all other applicant through this threat. please reply //… thanks for you time… please reply/….
  273. acevisas says:
    It does happen certainly not for all applications.
  274. Sam says:
    Hello, I applied for rsms drc 0n 27/6/12. My Australian police check is expired on 2nd august 2012. Will I need a new police check wen my file is opened.? Thanks for ur informative blog.
    • acevisas says:
      No, you won’t need to get new AFP check unless it was issued more than 12 months before you lodged your visa application. :)
  275. SC says:
    Hi Ping, Just wanted to ask as per your knowledge have they started allocating cases from the pipeline at Diac Perth or not. Its been ages they are stuck on 4th january. Regards.
    • acevisas says:
      They are still processing and making progress slowly that is all i know so far… hopefully you won’t have to wait for too much longer..
  276. SC says:
    I hope so Ping. Its been 7 months now that we have applied for Rsms in Perth.
  277. sam says:
    My MA has told me one of her application in the last week of june (DRC) have been granted visa. she has also advised me that these days it is not an indication. by the way it was in Perth office.
  278. ROR says:
  279. Lee says:
    Hi ping, we lodged our application on 28 June with the receipt of lodgement with RCB and my agent saids it was DR application. But my question is can he lodges the DR application without the approval from RCB, thanks for your advice.
  280. Lee says:
    Thats so quick replied thanks acevisas
  281. Sam says:
    Hi what I mean by that is in all cases we can’t expect what happened to that application and couldn’t be considered as a standard timeline as thre are huge number of applications.
  282. sam says:
    Hi Ping, i lodged 119 on june 27, DRC at perth. i received a Hap letter(check list to do medicals) with acknowledgment letter to do medical of my wife who was in India. my concern is my MA always was in doubt if my application would be cosidered DRC. Since I received that hap letter doesnt that mean my application was DRC?. Also, could u please tell me if you had any grant of late june applications. thank you very much. we always talk about your great answers.
    • Ping says:
      Hi Sam. We just had a DRA approved last week which was lodged on 22 June. Soyours may well be dealt with as a DRA. Keep me posted!
  283. Sam says:
    Hi ping, have u had any last week June DRA granted from Perth. Thank u for your valued responses.
    • Ping says:
      No not yet after a recent approval of a DRA lodged on 22 June. We lodged most of our June RSMS visas on the 29 June – the very last day of June.
  284. channy says:
    hi ping so are they close onshore applications for rsms visa and can i apply after 31st december 2012 onshore or not plz tell me
  285. D.V says:
    Hi Ping… We just got our nomination approved and pre-grant letter received…
  286. D.V says:
    We applied offshore file so, they give us 28 days to leave country and at that time they grant Visa. Thanks for this forum,, this helps us a lott….
  287. D.V says:
    Application lodge on 17th Jan,2012 at Perth, and nomination refused first than we again applied with same nomination on 18th April,2012 , And we got approval on 18th Oct and as this is offshore file just got Visa yesterday on 22nd Oct,2012….
  288. R.D says:
    Hi Ping, Could you please advice. I have am option of lodging a normal onshore RSMS or lodge a decision ready onshore RSMS after a week as I have to wait for my AFP to come through. Is there much difference in the processing times of the two above mentioned application types? At this time, how many months can we expect roughly? Thank you for your time n help.
    • acevisas says:
      There is still a huge difference – DRAs may take about 1-2 months recently, but Non-DRAs will take more than 6-9 months minimum at this stage… DRAs can only be lodged by a registered migration though.
  289. Tango says:
    Hi Ping why are you saying that DRC thaks 1-2 months while I have lodged my 119 on June 27th and I am still waiting (almost 4 months) and I don’t have a co yet!
    • acevisas says:
      no i meant the RSMS lodged after July are taking a couple of months if they are decision ready.. it actually is taking longer and longer even for the post-july ones.
  290. R.D says:
    Thank you Ping! I really appreciate your advice. So you would recommend me waiting till I have all docs ready instead of going ahead with the lodgement now?
  291. Pavneesh says:
    Hello can please tell me hw much time they are taking these days to approve RCB be coz my ielts is going to expire on 15 jan and my lawyer loged my RCB on 20 of sept still didn’t get any response from them canplease suggest me somrthing so I can do something before jan 15 before expiring my ielts thanx
  292. Sam says:
    Hi ping, good day !! Wud u be able to give a rough idea about hw long it may take to get a decision on drc which I applied on June 27…see I knw it’s a very dfclt qstion..and even DIAC don’t knw the answer..still just wndering if u cud shed some light…thank u..
  293. Neetu says:
    Hi Ping, I am Neetu and I am thinking of applying for RSMS 187 visa. My query is- if the employer is providing RCB a 3 months or more advertisement for the nominated position to get the certification, does he still needs to provide a signed declaration stating that he made a genuine attempt to hire an Australian citizen/PR but he couldn’t find a suitable candidate that’s why he hired an international candidate and would like to sponsor her. Would we get an approval from RCB if that document is not provided. Also, is there any alternative for that requirement. Please provide assistance regarding the same. Thank you for providing such a helpful and useful blog service for us applicants. I really appreciate the time and advice you provide. Thanks again Kind regards Neetu
    • acevisas says:
      Yes that statement should be included in the rcb application. If it is not provided, it will depend on how well your other documents are to support your application. They may ask you to provide the statement. But i advice would be to provide this statment and email it to skilled migration WA immediately.
  294. Sunny says:
    At the time of Decision on 857 RSMS is it necessary for all the applicants to be in Australia or only main applicant has to be in australia?
    • acevisas says:
      857 does not exist anymore after 1st July 2012. Are you talking about a previous visa application of 857 or the 187 visa that you will lodge or have lodged after 1st July? In case of 187, the applicants do not have to be in the same location. In case of the 857, it has to be onshore for everyone. Hope this help.
      • gujju says:
        1)i have certi 4 in cookery (studied in australia)and nationality indian. Will i require 457 visa assessment to lodge? Is certi 4 not enough? 2)suppose i am on 457 and have worked only 6 months. Now being worked on 457 visa and worked only for 6 months, will able to apply for the rsms 187 with the same or another employer on or off shore? My pointg do we need to spend 2years on 457 to apply pr on rsms or ens or could we apply as offshore or onshore (application offshore being in australia)?
  295. channy says:
    hi ping can u plz tell me i am on 485 visa and going to apply for rsms direct entry stream and i have got advanced diploma in hospitality management and cert 3 in commercial cookery as well but is it compulsory to have cert 4 in commercial cookery if am applying as cook and i got tra assessment as well which is volunteer experience in restaurant plzzzz help am i eligible or not and m currently work as a cook in restaurant pls reply thanks
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Channy, you would need to have at least 2 years on-the-job training as a cook with the certificate 3 or a certificate 4 from Australia. Otherwise, you would need to go through skills assessment. Your diploma is sufficient qualification for your job as a cook for this visa. I hope this helps… Ping Wang, ACE.
  296. Marion says:
    Hi Ping! I was wondering what is the current processing time for the RCB in Perth? My agent told me it could ask that my case is viewed in priority as my visa is soon to be expired. Did you already do that? I know they used the credit card details yesterday for their fees, so does that mean they now look at my file? I am so stressed because I need to apply asap..
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Marion, they have taken the payment it only means the case has been accepted as a valid application. If your application is decision ready, it shouldn’t take too long. we are getting cases approved within 1-2 months time recently (post-July lodged applications). Your visa is about to expire, that only means they can prioritise the issuing of a bridging visa for you not to finalise the application for you. Good luck! Ping Wang, ACE
      • Marion says:
        Thank you! But for the certification at the RCB, how long is it? Because apparently I cannot apply for the visa until I receive this certification and I need to apply for the visa before the end of the month to have a bridging visa….
        • acevisas says:
          You can lodge your nomination and visa application without RCB approval if it is urgent. RCB takes up to 2 months in Perth at the moment.
          • Marion says:
            Thank you for the explanation, this is confusing when you are not qualified.. :)
          • acevisas says:
            You are welcome! Employer sponsorship applications are complex, so you will need to be very careful in terms of eligibilities and application criteria. Good luck! Ping
  297. Sohag says:
    my real cousin’s partner have got their PR and they both live in perth, will i be eligible for the 489 visa as relative sponsorer? i finished my master in IT from ballarat uni , melbourne.
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Sohag, unfortunately your cousin’s patner cannot sponsor you for the 489 visa. Only if your cousin is your first cousin and he/she obtains PR then he/she can sponsor you. Ping, ACE Visas
  298. sohag says:
    i studied master in IT management and i have assessed my degree as a business analyst so i am looking for paid experience. so que is, what is eligibility of employer(company) according to immigration rules from that i can get paid experience? what type of proof of experience i have to present to immi?
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Sohag, usually applicants will need to provide employment reference letters, payslips, tax return forms, PAYG summaries, etc. What combination of documents will be decided case by case. Ping, ACE
  299. mussi says:
    hello ping thank you for helping so many people with their quires …. i have one question is there any way possible to apply for RSMS visa without RCB approval coz its been more than a month now but i have not heard from them yet its from regional VIC Ballarat …
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Mussi, sometimes it can be acceptable to lodge your Nomination and visa application without approved RCB if it is urgent, such as your visa is about to expire. Otherwise, I would still wait till the RCB is approved as there is a risk that the case officer may not accept it. Ping ACE Visas
      • mussi says:
        thank you for ur advice ping …. i have another concern ….. i moved from sydney to ballarat for this job n currently i am on holidays from my university till end of march so what happens if i didn’t get visa (RSMS) by then do i have to continue my study or the immi will give me BV where i can work full time and don’t have to study … m so confused :-((( about this visa now …… do they give me BV or i have to wait until i get my Permanent residency …. i don’t know which visa i will hold in between this process from starting to Permanent residency … can u plz explore this …. i would be really thank full to you ..
  300. Kay says:
    Hi Acevisas Would you know how long it would take for rsms 187 visa to be processed from Melbourne? it says 6 months on the IMMI website. But is that the case? My employer – the NT government has nomonated me on 6 Dec 2012. No approval yet (Jan 14 2013) I have submitted my appication on the 23 Dec 2012. This is a bit frustrating. There seems to be no service charter on how long an approval would take !! Based on your experience would you have an idea on the timelines for non drc nomination approvals? Cheers Kay
    • acevisas says:
      non-DRA would take more than 6 months but every processing centre will be different. We are more familiar with WA not other processing centres… You may have to expect a much longer wait. Ping
  301. sam says:
    hi Ping ! i have logged my rsms file on 22nd of june 2012. my rcb approved on 20 may 2012. Currently i am on 457 visa as a customer service manager.I also got the acknowledgement letter from immigration. but till i have not recieved any information regarding nomination or visa. so you have any idea how long will it take any information from immigration?? how much are the chance’s to get the visa approval?? thanks in advance
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Sam, I won’t have any idea about the chance of your visa approval as i havenot seen your case. It will take a few more month before they start processing your case. We have cases lodged early June as non-decision ready which have not been finalised. I think at least another 4-6 months’ wait…. Good luck! Ping ACE
  302. Twinkle says:
    Just got told from my agent that case officer has said that the application is in order except the medical checks for my baby but as per medibank my baby’s health checks were finalised on the same day when our’s were. .so my agent has to communicate the same to CO. Has anyone else been in the same situation?
  303. Twinkle says:
    I have just been told by Agent that CO is ready to grant a visa to my. Only problem is that my wife and daughter are offshore and CO seeking for a returning date. Have to adjust their flights date……….Good news is on the corner :)
  304. Hey AceVisa’s! My current working holiday visa expires 5th of April. My RCB application for RSMS 187 in Perth has been sent in today 6th of Feb so we are cutting it really fine. I am a graduate Mechanical Engineer and have a year and a half’s experience. Is this enough experience to get approved? (provided all my employer’s documents meet there requirements). Thanking you in advance! Naz
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Naz, in terms of experience, you should be fine. The main thing is that you already have relevant qualfication which is sufficient for your RSMS visa application. Good luck! Ping ACE
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Naz, For RSMB visa applications, experience is not always required if you have the relevant qualification. Ping, ACE
  305. Twinkle says:
    PR Granted!
  306. vee says:
    Hi I came to Australia in July 2009, and last year I got RSMS on May 2012, so can i eligible for citizenship ? when can I eligible please advice me. Thanks
    • Twinkle says:
      Call 131880 citizenship line and ask them for your eligibility.
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Vee, you may become eligible after having lived in Australia for 4 years (on a temporary and/or permanent visa) including at least 1 year as a permanent resident. There are also requirements of days you actually spent in Australia during this time and days that you were away in the last year. It looks like that you are not eligible yet. But if you need further information, you can either check the immigration website or we will be able to advise you about your case if you are willing to come in for an appointment. Ping, ACE
  307. kun says:
    RSMS visa holder can work with ABN instead of TFN, please advise
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Kun, If your RSMS is approved, you are supposed to start the 2 year full time employment within 6 months after arrival of Australia (offshore applications) of grant of letter (onshore applications). For that 2 years, you should be working as an employee with your TFN not a contractor with your ABN. Regards, Ping ACE
  308. Gary says:
    Dear sir /madam We applied for RCB 11 April . At that time my visa was expire march 2 So that regional board senior officer gave us pre- certification of RCB And uncertify 1054 form . She gave us suggestion to lodge the visa application and pre – certification at same time . But in immigration they got my visa application 20 April and nomination acknowledgement 23 april . It already been 10 months I did not get any response yet so can you tell me did I do any wrong to lodge application or Any wrong in that procedure Thank you Wating for your kind suggestion
    • Gary says:
      Sorry that visa was may 2 and . After I applied visa application and pre nomination my nomination was approved so after that above information counting
      • acevisas says:
        Dear Gary, the information you provided on the blog is not quite clear enough for me to give you any advice. I would suggest you to book for an appointment with me so that I can look at your application and get all informaiton right before I provide you with any proper advice. If you are keen, please call our office on 08-93616188. Ping, ACE
  309. danny says:
    Hi there, thank you for help us. i am on 457 working visa. my owner he sponsor me as a cook from eagle boys pizza shop. now he planning to sell his eagle boys pizza shop. but he want to keep me for his new catering business. according to him his company & his ABN number won`t be change.would u please let me know is it going to effect my visa & what should i need to keep in mind . thank you once again for helping us through this blog…
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Danny, thank you for your post. So long as you are still working on the nominated position for the sponsor (ABN and sponsorshing company entity are still the same), I can’t see any issue. Ping, ACE
  310. kun says:
    RSMS visa holder can work with ABN instead of TFN, please advise Thanks
  311. Gary says:
    Hi I mean I applied RSMS visa with pre certification , uncertify 1054 form and visa application together due to my visa was expire soon But immigration office give me visa acknowledgement on 20 April and nomination acknowledgement 23 April . Regional office approve my certification after lodge my application so that there is any wrong to lodge my application or not Sir pls give me suggestion pls
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Gary, so you mean that you lodged your RSMS visa application in 2012 in April without approved RCB, and RCB was approved after visa submission? I assumed you have provided the approved RCB to DIAC once receiving the RCB approval? DIAC have accepted many applications without approved RCB but that was for applications urgently needed to be lodged in June 2012 before the July 2012 changes. They may accept yours or may come back and say that your nomination couldn’t be approved because the RCB was not approved before submission. However, I think there is 70% chance that they may accept your case. Ping, ACE
  312. Gary says:
    Thank you sir for you answer one more question when regional board officer gave pre certification at time she mention to case officer due to more RCB application and staff was sick so that she couldnot approve RCB quickly . And she request to case officer to accept my application . She also suggestion me to apply my visa application with front page going to visa expire soon we write on the top of file . In that case also there is any chance not accept my nomination . Wating for your response sir
  313. Gary says:
    Yes sir when my RCB was approve regional. Board directly send my approve to the DIAC office at 14 may 2012 .
  314. Gary says:
    In the period leading up to the 1July 2012 changes to the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) program, Regional Certifying Bodies (RCBs) may have an increase in the number of nominations lodged for certification. Some RCBs have informed the department that they may not be able to certify all nominations lodged with them in time to meet the 30 June 2012 deadline for lodgment with the department. Therefore they have announced their own individual cut-off dates for acceptance of nominations. While this is an independent decision for each RCB, the department has advised that RCBs should consider accepting all applications lodged on a ‘best efforts’ basis. In the past some nominations have been accepted by the department without certification in certain circumstances. However this practice has been discontinued from 23 April 2012 because it can provide an unfair advantage for some clients. If an employer nomination is assessed by a departmental officer before certification by an RCB, the nomination may be refused. Agents should be aware that the visa application charge is unlikely to be refunded on the basis that certification was not provided. From 1 July 2012 certain applicants transitioning from a subclass 457 visa to a permanent RSMS visa will not require a nomination to be certified. Therefore to help RCBs maximise the cases they can certify before 1 July 2012, consider if these cases need certification. Only applicants who have not held a subclass 457 for a period of two years will be required to have their nomination certified by an RCB. Information about the 1 July 2012 reforms is available on the website. See: Permanent Employer-Sponsored Visa Programs Reforms
  315. Gary says:
    On the last September 6 you told to lee DIAC agree with special arrangement in ( may , June ) RCB delay Application that mean government can recive the application after publishing this news Can you make me clear ping pls . Because may applicant suffering from same problem . Thank you We hope that we will get response soon
  316. gujju says:
    hi my visa will expire (tr) in 9 june. I have dip in hospitality iv in cookery. I am looking for 457 employer sponsored or 187 rsms empl6yer sponsored, My question are 1)for 457 , do i need different assessment (i have 900hrs assessment)? 2) if i find employer(god shakes hands) , for 457or 187, will it be enough time to lodge now onwards?
  317. gujju says:
    please accept the email in this comment as correct. The earlier was wrong written.
  318. gujju says:
    hi my tr 485 expire in first week of june. I have done dip in hospitality certi iv(4) in cookery and have tra 900hrs assessment as cook. My questions are. If i find 457 or rsms187 sponsor. 1)will i need assessment as cook again as for 457 employer sponsored visa? 2)now onwards, will i have enough time to lodge the 457 or rsms? 3)if i get 457, then being on 457(within first 6 months) ,will i be able to apply 187 rsms off shore or onshore? Thanx Reasons are not 6 ielts in each, and god is a bit away from me Will appreciate ans thanx
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Gujii, 1)for 457 it depends on which country’s passport you hold. 2) you need to start now or within next 1-2 weeks to ensure sufficient time for lodging RSMS; you may have enough time to do 457 however also need to start ASAP. 3) you can lodge 187 anytime including onshore and offshore when you are ready and have Ielts four 6. Ping ACE
  319. Nabin says:
    Hi sir I got my pr from rsms visa recently . Can I bring my wife in Australia . And how much money I need to pay for application fee . Can you tell me pls
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Nabin, the current visa application charge for an offshore partner visa is $2680. If you need our assistance, please give our office a call. We, as a registered migration agent, will be able to put in the best application for you to maximise the chance of success of your application and also lodge the application signed as Decision Ready so it is processed with priority. We have recently got a few partner visas approved within a couple of weeks or just a few months… Ping, ACE
  320. suzanne imrie says:
    • acevisas says:
      At the moment, the immigration department is only processing July-August applications. Even your application is an DRA, it may still take some more time to be allocated a case officer. Putting in your medical is not going to triger your case to be looked at quicker but it will ensure that your application is actually decision ready and they can process quickly once open. Are you onshore or offshore? Ping ACE
      • Suzanne Imrie says:
        Thank you for getting back to me. Offshore – waiting, some Sept – Oct are getting their’s on an Australian Forum ?? All confusing. Will keep you posted and enjoy your blog.
  321. Nabin says:
    Hi sir , I have one problem regarding my rsms visa after I lodge my rsms visa I back to my country to got married then I return back in australia feb 3 during 1 month time i didnot inform in immigration by fill circumstance change form then I got pr on 6 march2013 . Now I want to sponsor my wife to bring in Australia . At that condition can I get any problem or not sir . I hope I will get response ASAP Thanks
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Nabin, sorry you missed the opportunity to add your partner to your exisitng visa application. Unfurtnately, you will have to put in a new Partner Visa application to sponsor your wife. Depending on which country she is now, it may take at least 5-6 months minimum with a decision ready application. If you need our asssistance in your visa application, feel free to contact us. Ping ACE
  322. coolsurdian1 says:
    Hi Ping, i just had a question there, i lodged my 119 late June and 2 weeks back called diac to inquire about my file after which i got a call in 2 hours that i got a co. i havent heard anything since then. My ma emailed the co today to which he said i am processing the file, would you know how long co’s usually take and also what kind of background checks do they do ? Thanks
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Coolsurdian1, thanks for your enquiry. Was yours lodged as a decision ready application or a non-DRA? Looks like they are processing mid-June Non-DRAs and end of June DRAs now. As we have a few cases that have been approved or being processed at the moment. Usually once the case officer has started processing your application, it does not take long. Employment background or the nominator business situtation may be checked – but they only pick the ones that they feel necessary to check. Most cases will be deterined based on the documents presented. Good luck and look foward to hearing your good news! Ping ACE
  323. coolsurdian1 says:
    Thanks for the advice Ping!
  324. coolsurdian1 says:
    Sorry i forgot to add mine was DRA
  325. Sam says:
    Hi Ping, Can you please let me know that Job ad (two weeks) is required before applying for RCB approval. Thanks Sam
  326. Sam says:
    Hi Pin, I am about to apply RSMS visa. My employer is ready for d sponsor me. Do my employer need to advertise 2 week at least in seek or careerone before he apply for RCB approval… Because my current TR expires on May 18th so i have to loged my visa before that date. Can also tell me how long it will take for RCB approval. Thank you in advance, Sam
  327. Sam says:
    Thank Ping for your reply. Can i apply RSMS visa without RCB approval and later can I submit my RCB to department?..
  328. Nil says:
    hi ping i got my RSMS visa approved 9 mths ago. However business is closing down because of poor business situation and changing it into new direction. As such, i have been informed that they no longer needed my position. In this case, i was wondering does it make any impact on my permanent residency if my employer terminates the employment. Also, do i have to submit any kind of documents to immigration in that case. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Thank you.
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Nil, if it was the employer who wanted to terminate the contract and it was not because of your fault or misconduct, you will be fine! You do not need to report to the immigration department. Good luck with your future job hunting! Ping, ACE
      • Deep Sandhu says:
        Hi Ping I m currently working as motor mechanic for toyota dealership and was about to apply 187 visa but my RCB had got uncertified reason don’t know just got back form 1404 with not satisfied ticked even they didn’t asked for any further documents,so my employer rang RCB and asked reason for not certifying and they denied to share any information and now m stuck but just wondering if it’ll b still safe to apply nomination and visa application.Please reply?
        • acevisas says:
          Hi Deep Sandhu, I would suggest that you provide a copy of your RCB application for us (or an agent) to review. It should not be hard to find out for you the reason of the refusal of RCB. You can not submit nomination and visa application with unsuccessful RCB. Your nomination and visa application will refused if you do so. Ping ACE
          • Deep Sandhu says:
            Being honest my agent and employer both rang RCB but no leads they said we have sent information to immigration that why it was refused and told them reason aswell so stressed at this stage don’t know what’s going on? Read on web that RCB always give you reason for approval and refusal but in my case NOTHING :(
          • Deep Sandhu says:
            HEY Ping,Can I make a appeal through MRT or any other suggestions?
          • acevisas says:
            Hi Deep, unfortunately we have never had a refusal from RCB so not sure of the process. But I would assume that MRT won’t deal with RCB refusals. RCB themselves may have appeal process in place. You agent should be able to check with them and find out. Good luck with everything! Ping
  329. Raj says:
    Hi I have sponsorship as cook I have done certi 3 in cooker and diploma of hospitality and one year experience as cook so can I apply for 457 visa with this thnx
  330. Lee says:
    Hi Ping Im Lee, I applied RSMS visa on 28 June last year. Yesterday I received a email from DIAC requested more information which were the job offer letter from my boss, the RCB approval letter as I had applied with the receipt of lodgement with RCB. My question is do I just have to send the email to them with the attachments of those letters or do I have to send them the original ones. Because in the email they said Certified documents received by email or fax will only be accepted to commence processing but acceptable original certified documents with the original certification stamp or signature must immediately follow. Thanks for your advice.
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Lee, based on our experience, they often will accept the emailed colour scan of the originals or certified copies. So I would suggest you send the email first and at the same time as them if they want you to forward the originals by mail or in person. They will advise you if they insist the originals to be delivered. Ping
  331. Lee says:
    Im Lee, I applied RSMS visa on 28 June last year. Yesterday I received a email from DIAC requested more information which were the job offer letter from my boss, the RCB approval letter as I had applied with the receipt of lodgement with RCB. My question is do I just have to send the email to them with the attachments of those letters or do I have to send them the original ones. Because in the email they said Certified documents received by email or fax will only be accepted to commence processing but acceptable original certified documents with the original certification stamp or signature must immediately follow. Thanks for your advice.
  332. Syed says:
    Hi! I’m currently on TRA that will finish in 2014 Sept, I found my sponsor who can sponsor me as a restaurant manager, is it necessary to advertise that post two weeks before applying to RCB. and if he advertise in newspaper, how many times in a week he should advertise, once in two week is enough or twicw in two weeks and should he keep the resumes of candidates? Thanks
    • acevisas says:
      Where is the restaurant located? Is it in Perth? For newspaper ads you just need to to it on e a week but continuously for three months. If online ads, only for two weeks continuously. Ping ACE
  333. kawser says:
    hi , My TR will be expired in 7th July, i got ielts 6 in each brand. i would like to apply RSMS in NSW before 30th of June. i got one restaurant who will gonna sponsor me as a cook. That restaurant is new and going to open 3 rd week of june. Can i apply rsms through this restaurant? Is there any gov requirement that restaurant need to run one or two months before they want to do RSMS ?
    • acevisas says:
      Hi kawser, the restaurant will not be qualified to be an RSMS sponsor. They must have operated for 6 months. The restaurant can only sponsor you for 457 at this stage. Ping ACE
  334. Nasrin says:
    hello , My visa(TR) will be expired in 14th of July.I would like to apply RSMS in NSW. I got IELTS 6 in each brand and my TRA assessment is successful as a cook. I got one restaurant in regional side of NSW who wants to sponsor me. But i am not sure that can i apply RSMS within this short period of time. i got job offer for 2 years full time from this restaurant . i am qualified for both RSMS and 457 visa. But my first choice is go with RSMS as its quick to get PR. That restaurant has been running for last 2 years but now the ownership is changhed. From last week, restaurant is running under new management. i got a full time 2 years contract from new management of u think from that restaurant i am able to apply for RSMS?Is that possible restaurant can apply for RCB and my RSMS application in same time as my visa will be expired soon?
    • acevisas says:
      Hi. You need to make sure the new restaurant is operating under the old ABN. Yes you may be able to submit visa and nomination before RCB approval due to urgency of visa expiry. Ping
  335. Apu says:
    Hello, i would like to apply RSMS in NSW. I got a sponsorship in regional side of NSW. i got 1 year business diploma ,1 year certificate 3 in commercial cookery,IELTS 6 in each brand and TRA provisional Skill Assessment result which has been assessed as successful for the occupation of COOK.i assessed my TRA assessment with 900 hours voluntary works at October 2010. Can i apply for RSMS visa with this qualification? Do i need to have 2 years work experience for apply RSMS or this provisional TRA assessment is enough for applying RSMS? Thanks
    • acevisas says:
      The immigration department at the moment requires 2 years on the job training or experience besides the certificate III. I don’t think you r provisional skills assessment is sufficient unfortunately and it is not required for your RSMS visa application either. Ping ACE
  336. beany says:
    we had got rcb approved in one month in townsville and then applied nomination and then pr visa aplication within one month i got case officer for my file and requested for documents for nomination and visa application ……………sent docs to case officer …………………waiting for reply …13/06/2013
  337. Hello sir I m in Perth and I m working at filling station and my boss wanna sponser me as a retail store manager plz let me filling station eligible to sponser me thanks
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Ravinder, what do you mean about filling station? Did you mean a petrol station? would this position include all following tasks?: determining product mix, stock levels and service standards formulating and implementing purchasing and marketing policies, and setting prices promoting and advertising the establishment’s goods and services selling goods and services to customers and advising them on product use maintaining records of stock levels and financial transactions undertaking budgeting for the establishment controlling selection, training and supervision of staff ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety regulations. Ping ACE
      • Yes sir this is united patrol station and I m doing all manager jobs Acc to your tasks .i have diploma in bussiness and advance diploma in bussiness .i also have 6 each in ielts .plz let me know I have good chances to get rsms 189 from patrol station thanks
  338. ravi says:
    hello sir i m working at patrol station and my boss ready to sponser me as a manager postion in his bussiness . i have diploma in bussiness and advance diploma in bussiness . i have 6 each in ielts .plz let me knoe if he sponser me how many % chances to get sucess thanks
  339. HARRY says:
    hi ping I am on 485 visa & going to apply for RSMS DIRECT ENTRY stream I have got ADVANCED DIPLOMA OF HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT & & CERTIFICATE III IN HOSPITALITY (commercial cookery), WITH NO EXPERIENCE My question is that do i need to have CERTIFICATE IV in commercial cookery TO BE eligible for RsMs.
  340. Resham says:
    Yes sir this is united patrol station and I m doing all manager jobs Acc to your tasks .i have diploma in bussiness and advance diploma in bussiness .i also have 6 each in ielts .plz let me know I have good chances to get rsms 187 from patrol station thanks
  341. sam says:
    HI Ping. !!! I appiled for rsms last year in June 22. i am currently on 457 visa. My rcb is already approved.but haven’t got any news from immigration regarding the case officer or visa.You have any update regarding the rsms. My job tittle is retail manager(General). Thanks is Advance.
  342. beany says:
    Thanks Ping i will let you know once i will get something from department
  343. karan says:
    hi, i want to apply for rsms. i have done cert iii in automotive technology and diploma of automotive management. my question is that can i apply rsms with these certificates or do i have to get cert iv in automotive to apply for rsms??? i am really confused please help me out this. thanks
  344. Vic says:
    I am cook. My employer is ready to sponsor me for RSMS. I heard that from 1st july 2013 DIAC requires 2 years paid experience In cook category even if someone had certificate IV. Is that true.
    • acevisas says:
      I have not heard about this and it has not been announced. We will have to wait and see. I doubt that would be the case though. But we will see. Ping ACE
  345. Sunny says:
    Hi I am sunny,I have done diploma in multimedia and graphics, now I am on 485 visa , I am unable to find any sponsorship on this, someone told me that I can do diploma in business management and any restaurant in regional area can sponsor me.there is restaurant in regional area and they want to sponsor me , I have 6 each as well in Ielts, can u plz tell me is it possible or it’s just a rumour. If possible can u please tell me the name and duration of this course please thanks
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Sunny. Yes if you have a diploma in Hotel or Hospitality Management, that would be good for RSMS sponsorship as per current regulations. Good luck! Ping ACE
  346. sam says:
    hi Ping. Currently i am on 457 visa. I applied for rsms last year on june 22. My rcb is already approved last year but after that i haven’t get any news from immigration regarding the nomination or visa. Is there any update how long the immigration will take to clear the case.please reply. thanks in advance
    • acevisas says:
      No idea! We have had most RSMS application lodged in June 2012 approved over the last 8 months. However still a few waiting to be processed. But we have a feeling it may be getting close now.. maybe another fee months’ wait… Ping
  347. sukhdeep says:
    hi, actually i have finished cert. iv in business and diploma of business,got 6 in each can i apply for RSMS sponsorship as a manager. like my boss ready to sponsor me as a restaurant manager in a regional area.please let me know. thanks
  348. manso says:
    I have applied for the RSMS 187 decision ready through a migration lawyer. The case officer took my application and trying to match my nominated position to another one which is not even in skill level 1 to 3. One of my colleague also applied for the same position from the same company through this agent and got approved without any problem and we both are same on education and every paper works.I am confused……
  349. Rahul says:
    Hello sir, I have applied for rsms(187) in march. But my owner forgot to apply RCB,after one month he applied for the RCB and it got approved he attached the RCB now with my documents,will that affect my case even though it’s approved? Plz reply
  350. Ravneet says:
    Hello sir , i lodged my rsms 187 last year in 28th of june 2012 ,but still waiting :( . How long does it will take? But i m worring abot DIAC’s new policy about post work experience with cert 4 coz my file has been submitted this june 28th/2013 . Plz let me know thanks
  351. dammi says:
    i completed my automotive diploma.and i got regional sponsorship .i can apply rsms the thing is still could’t apply it because still i ddnt get ielts each 6.i have overall there any visa i can apply without rsms or 457 visa
    • acevisas says:
      You would have to have IELTS four 6s if you apply for the GSM visa, RSMS visa. You do not need IELTS four 6s for the 457 visa.
  352. Rosy says:
    Hi there , I lodge my RCB last month in Victoria.i have completed bachelor in hospitality ,certificate 4 in hospitality, diploma in business. Now after 2 weeks they are asking for the few more documents from my employer. They have asked for market salary rate survey and a certificate from the employment agency confirming that that the skill required are not available locally. My employer is finding it hard to provide as they are not registered with any employment agency and no one wants to give us that letter. What we can do in this matter?? Is it alright if my employer just write a letter to RCB stating that they are not register with agency and write a letter in behalf of job agency as they hire employer privately. Need your suggestion. Thanks
  353. Ali says:
    Hi i just need to know is 2 years of work experience compulsory to apply for RSMS as a Cook or Cert III and Cert IV with two years of study is enough.thanks
  354. Ravneet says:
    Hello sir , plz help me out with the confusion which is 2 year work experience for the Rsms 187 visa. I m currently working as a cook in a restaurant. I lodge me nomination last year in 28th june 2012 but still waiting . How long DIAC take its 13 months already and it was Non-drc file .i worring about another thing that my visa application has been lodged 28th june 2013 . Plz help me out . Thanks
  355. Lee says:
    hi Ping I sent an email to wa pse team and asked about my apllication which was lodged on 28 June last year then I got the replied say that my application was allocated to an officer on 5th June 2013. But the thing is when i asked my agent if the receive and email from WA PSE team about my case officer and they said that they did not receive any email. Is that possible? as I thought when the file has the case officer allocated then theu will send the email to let us know about the case officer detail such as his/her direct email or phone number, please advise me about this situation as i want to contact my case officer and ask about my file, becase it has been more than a year sice I lodged my application, Thank you. Lee
    • PARAMJIT says:
      Hi lee this is same my condition as I lodge my file on 26 June 2012 and got an email from wa pse that imy file is with the case officer but I don’t know his/ her name or contact details because they didn’t send any email to my agent and I got that email on same date on which u received 5 June 2013
      • Lee says:
        yes i recieved the email said that my file was allocated to the case officer on 5th June, then i email them and ask about my case officer and recieved other email from the case officer told me about her contact details, if you have not got the case officer details yet just email PSE and ask for that. The bad news is untill now its been 3 months but i havent got decision yet, how about you?
        • PARAMJIT says:
          I also got the case officer details but no decision yet, even my agent didn’t get any email and they didn’t ask for any documentation I m worried what is going on there did they ask anything from you
          • Lee says:
            they had only asked for update contract, but that was before i had case officer. Since i have case officer i havent heard anything from them. My boss called the case officer one time and she said she is very busy and my case will be consider soon, that was 1 and a haft month ago. I lost my hope now, i am thinking of lodge the new application with other sponsor as my previous sponsor has the finance problem right now. wasted 1 and a haft year time and money for that kind of … In addition, some of my friends apply early this year and they all have visa winthin few months. So i think DIAC they are only deal with new applications and dont even care about our applications anymore. So bad right?
  356. Rahul says:
    It was march 2013 sir…
  357. Bhavesh says:
    Hi! ping , I am currently working as a motor Mechanic since 11 October 2011 with toyota in pilbara region and I have done Cert iii in Automotive & Diploma Automotive Management, My employer has applied for RCB Approval with form 1404. If it is approved , Am i eligible for RSMS 187 visa.?. As currently I am On 485 visa which expire on 30 Nov 13. My 2 years Exp. will finish on 11 Oct 2013 with my employer. I have IELTS 6 in EACH. BUT I do not have Cert iv in Automotive and Any full skill assessment. Will that be alright to apply for RSMS 187 visa? Do I have enough time for this application. will be appreciate your soon reply. Thanks.
  358. Ravneet says:
    Hello sir , plz help me out with the confusion which is 2 year work experience for the Rsms 187 visa. I m currently working as a cook in a restaurant. I lodge me nomination last year in 28th june 2012 but still waiting . How long DIAC take its 13 months already and it was Non-drc file .i worring about another thing that my visa application has been lodged 28th june 2013 . Plz help me out . Thanks Reply
  359. Lily says:
    Hi, i am on 187 visa subclass.After my RCB approved by case officer I got news about my restaurant nomination is being approved now I don’t know wat happen next can u plz reply to me. Thnx.
  360. Angie says:
    Hello, I was wondering if you could kindly advise me what I should do in my situation: I’m a 28 y/o female from Russia. I have 2 degrees, the second one was a Bachelor of communications (public relations) that I gained in melbourne, Australia (graduated in December 2011). I had to leave Australia in July 2012 because I could not get a PR and now have been in Moscow ever since (for more than a year now). I’m still looking for ways of coming back, and as advised by my previous migration agent, the only way is to get a sponsored employment, which due to my professionis RSMS. So I was thinking of trying and doing it through Perth. I’ve now done almost A year of PR experience back to Moscow, Russia. My question is: how good is the chance I can be successful in migrating based on RSMS and are there any special websites with employers who are looking to sponsor oversees workers? I heard that under this RSMS the employers do not need to pay the minimum salary and that could be an advantage for them to hire workers from oversees. Also, since I have a Australian degree, can I be considered by the local employers? Thanks very much for your help
    • acevisas says:
      Angie, I think it will be extremely hard for you to find a sponsor in Australia while you are physically in Russa, especially your area of study is not really one that is in demand in Australia. RSMS could be an option but not much chance realistically I wish you good luck anyway! Ping ACE
  361. jagsir says:
    hi, i have completed my certificate iv in business and diploma of business and got 6 in each and my boss want to sponsor me as a restaurant manager in his regional restaurant so am i eligible for RSMS .please let me know. thanks
  362. deep sidhu says:
    hi, i have completed cert iii in graphic and diploma of multimedia ,i have done cert iv in business and diploma of business and score 6 band in each as i could not find sponsorship multimedia filed so can i get sponsor as a restaurant manager based on business studies if someone wants to sponsor me on RSMS visa.please let me know
  363. Arie says:
    Hi Ping, I’m on student visa, I lived in Perth, I’ve done cert 3 in com.cookery and Advanced Diploma of Hospitality, at the moment I’m studying Diploma of Management, I’m working in a Burger Bar as a cook at the moment, got sponsored under 457 July 2013 as a cook and the nomination got refused because of the new rules, right now my boss still want to give me sponsorship but different position, that is Retail Manager (142111)under RSMS, my question are : 1. Does the position eligible for RSMS nomination? 2. Do I need to get cert 4 if I wanted to get 457? 3. Do I need skill assessment for RSMS since I’ve got my cert 3 and Adv.Dipl degree here in Perth Many thanks Regards, Arie
  364. Angelica says:
    Hi, I am an international student who has finished a certificate IV in business and a diploma of management, I’m currently living in Adelaide but I found somebody who owns a restaurant in Perth who would like to sponsor me. What visa would you recommend applying for and is this possible without any university degree but just a tertiary education. Thanks very much for your help.
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Angelica, Your qualifications will be sufficient to apply for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) visa (permanent visa) or the 457 temporary work visa. It will depend on which visa your employer wishes to sponsor you on. We can advise in details how this works and which option is a better option for you, and can also explain to your employer the difference between these options from the employer’s point of view. If you need any assistance from us, give us a call at 08-9253 0012 on Tuesday to book a Skype or phone consultation. Ping, ACE Visas Australia
  365. gurender singh says:
    hi I have confusion do I need 2 year experience for apply rsms visa in hospitality I have cert 111 and cert 4 in hospitality.
  366. sohail says:
    Hi ping… i recently got my nomination approved in rsms187 DE as a Customer Service Manager. i only have cert 4 in Frontline Managment (6 months) and Diploma in Managment (6 months) . I got 6 each in ielts. My question is ,is that qualification is enough and relevant to that occupation which i hve been nominated( customer service manager) or i need customer service managment diploma for that position in rsms 187 Direct entry. your rep will really help Thanks
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Sohail, Sorry for the delay of responding. Could you provide some information about your employer and the position? I feel that your qualification may be relevant to your position.
  367. Goci says:
    Hi sir. I applied the RCB and nomination on 2nd of May, Rsms application on 13th of may, Nomination approved on 22th may on the same day received email from the Co for my husband English I replied that I will pay for that, now we didn’t heard nothing from him yet it’s been a week ago.I like to ask if the visa will be granted after the payment and how it takes for the decision to be made? many thanks Goci
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Goci, did you mean you lodged RSMS visa application without RCB approval? Then you lodged a new RSMS visa application after RCB approval? It can take 1-2 weeks for the English language payment to get through before the case officer grant the visa. So perhaps just wait for a bit longer or you can always email the case officer to ask progress. Your RSMS visa has been processed really quickly. Where is your husband’s job located and where did you lodge your RCB and visa application?
      • Goci says:
        Thank you the quick respond everything is approved. Now I’m waiting for the CO to send me invoice to do the payment, that was the only document that he was asking for. So I don’t know how long will take for CO to send me the invoice and is that a sign that I will get PR after that? Thank you
        • Goci says:
          I’m the main applicant my husband is dependant on my application together with my children. But because now we don’t have time for IELTS we need to pay 2nd visa charge for his English. I’m in Perth working as qualified child care worker. Finished Diploma in children’s services 1 year ago here in Perth.
          • Goci says:
            Yes I lodge the RSMS application without knowing if the RCB and nomination will be approved.
  368. hello,i have lodged my RCB in perth (WA) 2 days ago ,,i just want to know how long it ll take to get u have any idea guys or is any one applied for RCB.plz reply if u know thnks,
  369. sunny says:
    hi sir can i apply for rsms 187 as a restaurant manager with advanced diploma in hospitality management. but i dnt have any experience. thanx in advance
  370. Imran says:
    Hi ping I want to know i am here on spouse visa my wife doing Master in accounting . Question is that my friend have a motel in regional area in NSW he want to sponsor me for RSMS i have more then 3 year experience in restaurant manager plus i have RPL diploma in management which i got because of my experience also i have ielts 5 band in each modules. I just want to know am i eligible to apply for rsms if yes then which occupation should i choose. Your detail reply will be much appreciated. Thanks
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Imran, you are qualified in terms of your experience and qualifications. You will need IELTS four 6s as well to be able to apply for the RSMS visa. Good luck with everything. If you need our assistance, feel free to contact us. Ping
  371. Jim says:
    Hi , I am on 457 visa for 6 month as cook in restaurant and I am working with same company for 1 and half year . My restaurant in regional area and my employer applied for RCB certificate . Is that possible I can apply nomination and visa same time because I do not know how Long it will take for RCB certification approved . please advice me what should I do . Do I wait for RCB approval or aply fir nomination and visa . We did not go through any agent . Please tell what will we do after approval the RCB . Jim thanks
  372. Balwinder says:
    Hi I applied for rsms on 29 /06/ 14 Plz can you tell me for RCB how much time they take thanks
  373. kaur says:
    hi, Im female from Adelaide. I ve finished my cert3 4 and diploma of working in a restaurant from 2012 part time. ive got 6in each from boss is ready to do anything for you think I can apply for rsms. or what other visas I can apply. thx
  374. param says:
    Hi I am bit concerned about 2 years experience requirement as I applied Rsms on 26 th june without experience as a chef with cert 3-4 tra skills assessed in 2010. And also how lng arevthey taking these days. Very intense.
  375. Tom says:
    Hello, I’m currently studying of hospitality on diploma course and I will complete this end of November. I’ve completed certificate3 ,and 4 on commercial cookery beforehand and living in Perth now. I would like to applying for Cook or Chef position for RSMS whichever I will be able to approve and Ive found the prospective sponsor, which I’ve working for them more than 2years. My question is am I be able to apply for RSMS visa? Because I asked my current agent and told me you need to have job experiences for 2years after you gained certificate 4. Otherwise your application will be refused. The agent said the rule changed without disclose to a public. I would very appreciate you if you gave me your comment.Thanks in advance.
  376. Deep says:
    Hi ping , I hv done the cert iv in frontline management. And advance diploma in management. Can I apply for rsms as customer service manager or restaurant manager. I hv 6in each. Bt I do not have any experience. Pls suggest me Thanks
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Deep, You only need either qualification or experience not both. So as you have qualifications, it will depend on whether your study is highly relevant to the occupation.. this will be assess on a case by case basis… Ping
    • Eva says:
      Dear Ping My RCB has been approved and my employer has lodged the application for nomination on 1st of september. Do i have to wait for the approval to lodge for RSMS visa? Or i can apply prior with TRN? Also, my employer said i will go on bridging visa directly even if i didnt lodge visa when my current visa expires? How true is that? plz help me. Thanks
  377. Mikky says:
    Hi ping I applied rcb, nomination , application and spouse file together on 29/5/14 and I got approval of rcb on 3/7/14 . Now I want to know how much time take for nomination approval , allocate co as well as my result of visa.
  378. Deep says:
    Hi sir I have a diploma of management advice diploma of management can I apply restaurant manager 187 visa plz reply ASAP thanks
    • chirag amin says:
      Hi there, I just have a confusion i have diploma in business and cert IV in frontline management qualification with four 6s in ielts m i actually eligible to get sponsored as a restaurant manager in a restaurant or do i need a diploma in hospitality? please guide me
      • acevisas says:
        do you have any restaurant management experience? There is not a clear line, but you have to demonstrate that your qualification and/or experience have prepared you with skills needed for the position. hope this helps. ping
  379. Kaur says:
    Hi,I applied for rsms in June. Rcb and immigration has approved the nomination.they have asked for medical. Does that mean they won’t ask for any other document. If it’s the last stage of the visa. What will the officer really check. Reply soon Thx
  380. Mikky says:
    Hi ping I loudge 187 file with spouse and rcb together on 29/5/14 I got rcb approval on 3/7/14 Now my file was open and co want my medical , pcc and 80 form So my question is after submit all the document how much time will take for visa? How many chance of visa? Reply soon
  381. Eva says:
    Dear Ping My RCB has been approved and my employer has lodged the application for nomination on 1st of september. Do i have to wait for the approval to lodge for RSMS visa? Or i can apply prior with TRN? Also, my employer said i will go on bridging visa directly even if i didnt lodge visa when my current visa expires? How true is that? your help would be great. Thanks
  382. vikram says:
  383. Maria says:
    My employer is willing is investigating on sponsoring me under Subclass 187 Direct Entry but has asked how much the WA RCB is investigating once we’ve applied? Do they actually check out the online advertised role on the website and do some cross checking, do they physically do an “internal investigation” once they received the application? What is standard practice for the RCB to approve the application? Reason being they say that there will be no change in the role as there is no intention to remove me from the role and it does not make sense to them. Also who need to sign off on the Declaration, HR or my immediate Boss. Thank you.
    • acevisas says:
      Hi Maria, I advise that you come in for a consultation so that we can discuss and answer your questions in detail. It is very hard to give you a general answer on here. If you wish you can email or call 9253 0012 to book the appointment. Ping
  384. jeet says:
    Hello sir M jeet from perth I complt my diploma in business and i got 6 band in each module And owner of restaurant intrested to sponser me as a restaurant manager. Is m eligible for 187 visa DE????
  385. Ravi Kant Sharma says:
    Hi, If any one is ready to sponsor me as a Assistant Restaurant Manager under 187 RSMS visa is that ok or designation needs to be a Restaurant Manager only for 187 sponsorship. Thanks Ravi

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