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Ace Visas Australia Services

Ace Visas Australia Services

Ace Visas Australia can help you determine if you are eligible for a particular visa option. Consulting with us is your initial step, whether you intend to come to Australia on a permanent or temporary basis. Through our initial visa consultation, we can determine your eligibilities for the different visa options.

Initial Consultation

During your consultation, we will provide the answers to all your questions and concerns regarding the process. We can also draft an Advice Letter upon your request. This letter will contain details of our professional advice and may come with a quote if you require our Visa Application Packaged Service.

A consultation appointment often takes 30 minutes. Note that we need detailed information from you beforehand. This way, we can undertake a pre-meeting assessment and prepare ourselves for the possible questions you will ask during the actual consultation.

Free Online Assessment

We also have an online assessment, 100% free. One of our experienced Registered Migration Agents will examine it personally. Given that you provide and submit all the necessary information, we can inform you about the results within 3-5 working days.

Visa Application Packaged Service

This service covers the whole process of your initial consultation for visa eligibilities, document preparation, visa submission cover letter, visa lodgement, post-lodgement follow-ups, and notification of visa decisions. This service will ensure your visa application has the best chance to achieve a successful result.

Visa Application Guide Service

We also offer Visa Application Guide Service. This is a good choice if you prefer to prepare and submit your visa application yourself, but you are not sure exactly how you should do it and what documents you need. This service will help you understand the application procedures, the necessary documents to submit, and the process involved.

IELTS Preparation

ACE International College is the language training branch of Ace Visas Australia. It offers specialised IELTS preparation and coaching services. We have trained thousands of people in the last five years through our coaching service. Most of them have reached their targeted IELTS. Depending on your national background, we can help you improve by 1-2 points, or even 3 points in a short period of coaching.

Job Application in Australia

We can also help you find an employer in Australia. ACE People International is a registered employment service agency specialising in skilled workforce employment service for people from overseas. If you are a professional or a skilled worker, we can help you obtain an Australia employer sponsored visas or other skilled visas.

Study in Australia

ACE is also a student recruitment representative for many Australian universities. If you intend to study in Australia, we can assist in your application for both your visa and the university you plan to enter. Our service for university application is free when you get our migration services at the same time.

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